Monday 24 March 2014

Meeting of the minds

And it was very interesting!

Last week I had 3 appointments that were all about me.  I felt a little selfish but hey, I took a fill day off from work for it.
When I saw Susanne last week she asked me to keep track of my eating again.  I am to see if I am eating because the clock tells me to or am I honestly hungry.  The reasoning for this is to see if I can keep to the schedule that the surgery will have me on.  Apparently RNY patients will lose the ability to feel hunger because of the loss of the peristaltic wave action in the tummy.  So since we are to "graze" and I am already eating like that throughout the week I am curious to see what the clock has it at.

Then I was off to see Dr. Sarah about changing up my meds.  With the surgery my tummy won't be able to absorb anything that needs to sit in the body for a while including meds.  So that means my happy pills that are XR (extended release) will be pretty much useless in my tummy.  So we talked about reducing the dose to the minimum levels and then eventually getting off of them entirely.  In all honesty this kind of scares me.  As the DH can tell you, for me to miss a dose causes a dramatic change that is noticeable. I know I have Nikki for this but I guess it something I have to think about.

Next up was getting to Toronto (just north of the CN Tower) for my meeting with the Social Worker for the surgery. She is to see if I have things in place to have the surgery and the preliminary history write up for the following doctors and specialists.  I was there for an hour and in the beginning she was very cookie cutter with questions that required a yes or a no.  By the time I needed to leave she was giving me hints and tips on how to proceed.  She gave me a suggestion for my happy pills that she is going to send to Dr. Sarah.  The SW suggested that I go to the half dosage I am on but taking it twice a day opened up over food.  I would have never thought of that!  She also noticed that the next step that I have to take is to see their nurse.  The reason for seeing this nurse in particular is to see if my body can handle the surgery.  I guess I will get blood work done and poked with a bit of prodding in there.  Anyway, the SW noticed that my appointment was in late May and she resonated what Tim and HerderInTheSunshine said about seeing if there was a cancellation coming up so I could get in sooner to see the nurse.  Well lo an behold, there was!  So now I am back to Toronto for 4 pm on the 7th of May!  Whee!  Now I just need to see if I can get a few hours off early or will I have to work a full day.

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