Friday, 15 July 2016

Trying to catch up...with Thanksgiving the the conference

I know it has been quite the year since I have posted!  I ran the race in 50 minutes and 18 seconds. Not too shabby since I have never done one before and that put me 166 person out of 199.  This number includes those that didn’t have a chip that didn’t register.  See they told us to put on our sneaker so when we touched the made it would work.  Well some (like JamAng) put her is her pack with her fancy belted water bottles and it didn’t register.  So as far as I am concerned I think I still did pretty well!

Thanksgiving was great this year too. We headed back to Nicholston and we got a site by the river.  We had the trail to the water beside our site which concerned me, but they were very respectful of our space and didn’t cut in.  This year my cousin Hon came out since he works near the campsite.  I had messed up the days on LabeL so she couldn’t make it.  Mom was there and C&F joined us but without there camper.  Hon was surprised at how well it turned out and he made plans for his family to come next year.  I also reserved the site next to ours for C&F for next year too. 
Well C and I had a Girlie weekend away!  The last weekend in October we decided to go to the OH (Obesity Helps) Conference in Raleigh NC! I worked Monday until Wednesday and then we flew out on Thursday……What a mess that was!  When you tell someone you have a service dog, you send the paperwork for the service dog you expect to sit with the service dog right?  Well not according to American Airlines! The first leg of the flight to Philly, a gentleman was very nice and gave up his seat at the bulk head so that I would have room for Nikki.  As it was there was 2 rows of seat on each side of the plane and no first class.  It felt like a school bus!  The second leg of the trip from Philly to Raleigh they decided that I needed to sit in Row 16 near the window!  I was told that if she didn’t fit in my lap or under seat in front of me I was not going. O_o I cried while boarding because I was so livid, felt bad for Nikki and just tired of people looking at me!  I felt like I was holding up the whole flight because I wasn’t put on first because I was on the phone with my “travel agent” and she said that it was American Airlines who moved my seat not them.  *sigh*  So I was able to get Nikki into a tight husky knot for the 1.25 hour flight and she didn’t seemed to disturbed by it.  I actually think she fell asleep!  The best part is....C got separated from her carry on nd we found out while we rode in economy, her bag went first class! ha ha!
The conference itself was amazing!  I am glad that we got a room in the hotel since there were times where all of us could have used a nap during the “quiet times” and were able to make costume changes. 
Yes costume changes.  The Friday night was a meet and greet and all of us were in costume.  See when I plan my costumes I always need to plan for 2, Nikki and I.  I have been the vet, and Nikki the patient and other matching costumes.  This year was something new, Little Red Riding and she was my wolf in Granny’s pajamas.  We entered the “couples” competition and it was down to audience volume that decided who won.  Well it was down to us and a couple who were dressed up as Greek gods and they won by a slim margin.  Like they say, there is no prizes for second best L

Saturday night was a formal dance so I want to thank DentisT for a great dress I borrowed and Curl for the jewellery that went with it.  Nikki even had jewelled bows on her vest for the red carpet pictures.
The flight home on Sunday was pretty non eventual on Air Canada but we were back on a plane that reminded me of the school bus.  We made it home on Sunday afternoon and the DH picked all of us to head home.  I chatted all the way home and I think the DH regretted asking how it went lol

Well I got on the phone with American Airlines to “discuss” the flight down.  I call their number and was told to leave a voicemail and I would hear back from them in a business day.  This was Monday.  On Thursday the called me back at 6 pm on my way out the door for a visit to the Women’s Shelter with Nikki.  The lady on the other end tried to dismiss me with a fake sympathy and I would take it.  She then told me that it was my fault that I didn’t tell them that I wanted to sit with my service dog. *blink blink* What was going to do with her?  Buy her a seat for her?  Put her in cargo?  I was shaking my head and thought that is preposterous and I put C out as well.  Well since I was rushing to get out, I should have held on for a free flight or something but I settled on a $100 voucher that expired a year from now.  They said that they were putting in the mail, and since it was coming to Canada (like we are sooooooo far away) it was going to 6 weeks to get here.  Great.  I think that they were not going to send it in the hopes I would forget about it after 6 weeks.  Well knock me over, it came the following Tuesday!  Now I wasn’t sure when I going to use it.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Race day is here!!!!!!!!!

Am I nervous...not really.  More tired than anything.

I picked up my bib and chip on Saturday so that means I was committed to do it.  I was committed to do it when the bosses paid the registration months ago, but this just solidified it in my mind (especially when it had my name on it!0

My race start time was for 7 am and I found out that the co-workers that signed up for the 10K thought that they didn't train hard enough and dropped down to the 5K with me.  Well 2 of them were MIA by start time and so that left me with JamAng
We started off running the first kilometer together and since I am still on interval training I broke into a walk.  JamAng said that if she started walking she wouldn't pick up the run again.  I told her to go on ahead and I would see her at the end.
Well I stuck with the intervals until the 3K mark when they were handing out water and sports drink.  I went right past them to the garbage can and threw up.  I had a volunteer explain to me that my body had to much lactic acid and I was getting rid of it.  She suggested walking for a bit and then picking up the run again.  So walked a full kilometer and then ran the last kilometer to the finish line.
I came in 166 of 199 runners and did it all in 50 minutes and 18 seconds.
 Nikki was rather distraught looking for me at the finishing line.  I t was nice to see that I had 2 fans looking for me at the end :)

Dinner with bells

Well the lovely hybrid that Nads made me had started to unravel :(  I knew that it was a prototype and I am sure that she loved the challenge of making something new.

So we met up for some supper and we had a good chat and some food.  Then the presentation I was waiting for.....And she didn't disappoint either!

All done as "mico maille"  Think about knight armour, but on a really tiny scale.  This must have made her go cross eyed!
Now I just need to fill it up with Pandora Charms :)

Really sad day........(Sep 8)

I had a sick day today and I was sitting upstairs watching something on the PVR and Nikki came into the room to see me and her back end wobbled.  Kind of like when a foal is born and is a little unsteady on their legs.

She had been doing this in the past, but it was very infrequently and we just figured it was old age but she was more than happy to step along on a walk.  Well when we were at the IC, I noticed that she was good for an hour and she needed to rest or she "wobbled."  She has always been my walking partner and when we went on the 5K walk when we were camping I noticed when she got tired she wobbled.  So she know compensates by "trotting" when se walks to keep from wobbling but she tires out faster.

So when she wobbled simply by turning around it broke my heart.  Her body was finally letting her down after 14 years.  Time for her to retire from being a service dog and time to enjoy the life of leisure.  I discussed it the DH and we needed to figure out who would look after her during the day.  We had 2 options, Maine's daughter (Americana) or GrandmaS.  I figured that GrandmaS wouldn't mind but she does work for weeks at time at her old place so Americana seems like a good choice.  She loves the Girls, she is old enough to come out on a bus and she needs the work experience and the cash.  So we were texting with Maine to see if her and the PizzaGuy were cool with it before offering her the job.

The other said part of the day was this is to be the last time we would see NavyWife and the mister.  He finished his one job and now going to the other side of Canada for another year for his job.  I miss them and their little dog too :D  I have to admit that I held it together pretty well and there is always social media to keep in contact with them.  Who knows they just might end up being a destination for a trip.

DH b-day

Well it was the weekend of the DH b-day and he isn't one to make a big deal of his birthday. If you ask him, you will get "I was congealed from a puddle of goo."

So rather than making a big party out of it, I thought a camping weekend with me and the Girls with a nice dinner would do.  I know he hates it when I make a fuss over him but he was hitting a milestone year.

So Sunday night at the site, I made him a lobster (shudders because the darn things scare me.  I have watched to my cryostasis movies with the DH!) with his favorite vegetable and he favorite cake for dessert. 

We enjoyed ourselves and I didn't even sing "Happy Birthday" to him :)

It has been years

and not much has changed but it has.....

I went back to the fold of the Church.  I have been having 2 ladies over that we call "Sisters" because we have a Heavenly Father and we are all his children.  So the ladies are Sister "last name" and the men are Brother "last name". 

I remember going when the DH and were first married and ran into a Brownie (young Girl Scout for my US friends) and I used to be called "Sunshine" as my leader name.  One Sunday I was at Church and in the hallway I heard "Sister Sunshine?"  I never thought I would hear those to words together LOL

So SisterD and her companion have been coming over and I have been feeling fairly comfortable with them.  SisterD suggested that I come to the monthly "Relief Society Socials" (all the church ladies get together and do stuff for fun) and I didn't think about going before in the past because they were on Wednesdays and I have a shift at the second job on Wednesday.  This is when she told me the were changed to Thursdays, and I felt a little excited about it.

So off Nikki and I went.  The theme of this month's RS social was preserving and canning and they were working with peaches......YUM!

So I walked into the Chapel (our word for the building where services are held on Sunday) with a bit of hesitation.  I knew that SisterD was going to be there so I would at least know one person.

The building felt like it did when I went all those years ago, but there were new faces to see and none of the older ones I remembered.

Nikki was very good (when isn't she....) and she actually made it to the RS Facebook page too LOL

Will I go back, not on a Sunday since they start at 10 am, but I will be more than happy to go to the socials.

A new additiion to the family.....

No the DH and I didn't get another dog......

My brother and the GF had a little baby girl!  Sweetest little thing and my Mom is over the moon and back.

Mom left the job site at 7:30 from the North and drove to TO to see the wee one.

The DH and I had plans to go down together hat night since the DH missed the birthing of his twin niece & nephew.  The issues was it was a Wednesday, and I had a shift at the second job and no one was going to cove it so the DH stepped up and worked it so I could go down. 

I headed down during a ballgame was in town and I swear it was a sea of blue that walked out in front of the truck.  I was getting aggravated and was just going to start taking them out at 10 points each LOL

I found parking for the dodge and found my brother and headed up.  I met up with the GF mom and we chatted for a bit since the nurses were busy with the GF.

I was able to hold the WeeOne for a bit and took some pics for the DH and wanted to know if she had the "new puppy" smell.  She didn't but she loves to give butterfly kisses that I explained to the GF learned about. The nurse was glad that someone knew about them because she explains them to new parents and no one seems to know what they are.  If it was for LauraD and the BranMan I wouldn't have know either.

I finally left around 10 and I think the GF mom was going to take the WeeOne home with her but my brother said that she couldn't per her in her purse LOL