Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What a month it has been…

I won’t go into great detail (most likely will since I ramble LOL) but I will sum it up the best I can.

Health…my doctor’s appointment in regards to my gall bladder has been bumped to November 22nd by the office.  I didn’t ask for details of why since my doctor is entitled to a private life.  I will find out if the darn thing is coming or going. I had the lovely cold from the DH that moved into chest and that hung around for a few weeks.  I did find some sugar free halls to keep the hacking down. 
Work……Ohio gave her notice and she is moving onto a single company payroll so she will be contract for a year and she is looking forward to it.  Well Nikki is going to lose her napping spot when she goes so the uppity ups decided to put someone in the spot that doesn’t mind Nikki sharing the space or even getting an elbow nudge every once in a while.  So a co-worker I will call Doxie Lover is going to move into her spot.  She doesn’t mind Nikki at all, and she even feed Nikki some of her cheese sandwich on a regular basis and brings in treats from her 3 doxies for Nik.  I also have been made the chair of the social committee at work so I am planning stuff for that group as well.
Other work….I have been given the Thursday night shift on a regular basis which is nice since I feel like I am able to bank some money away for those rainy days. 
Running….no such luck with this one…..
Poon…..I laid all the cards on the table for Dr. Merchie and found out that he is glad that I am being honest with him.  He didn’t mind the fact that I offered to see him weekly just so I can get this squared away with this new way of life.  I just want to have the enthusiasm I had last November when I started this.  I feel like I am in a slump and the Support Group is helping too since I have found someone who I will call Florida, had the same up brining I had and is wrestling with the same eating issues I am.  She has offered her cell number to me and is like a sponsor and all I need to is text her.  I have to admit I have used her a few times when I have the McD’s bacon cheeseburger craving on the way home LOL.
Home Life…….has been busy with the DH with seeing Dredd in 3D was a big mistake since the handicap seating is at ground level and 3D on top of that makes for a very disassociated gal.  I actually stuffed cotton in my own ears so that I could finish watching it.  Thanksgiving was great with C and her hubby and I was able to make everyone happy with the Thanksgiving dinner.  The DH said that I could have served him Poon-friendly food and would have been none the wiser.  That is good to know for next year!
Schooling…….I did my re-write exam for PF2 at DoxyLover’s place since she has her Payroll Manager and has a current Payroll Association membership.  That was a while ago so those results should be coming back soon.  I had a dream last night that my old Physics teacher walked into the classroom and said to everyone that I was the latest PCP from the CPA….who knows, he might be right.
That takes you up to Halloween and the most of the office is dressing up so hopefully I can post pics later.

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