Thursday 1 November 2012

Made it!!!!

Yesterday was Halloween and I made it!  It was an overall a great day!

Being the chair social committee for work, I was running around getting stuff done for the costume contest and the pot luck lunch.  I am happy to say, I eat very Poon friendly foods and still enjoyed my self.  I did breakdown in the afternoon while I was cleaning up and mindlessly ate a cookie.  My mouth has sores on the inside of it, so I guess it really wasn't worth it :)

I left the office and headed off to see Dr. Merchie at the Brampton office.  I fond that some of the staff that weigh you really don't seem to share in the enthusiasm when we lose weight or even really chat with us.  So that is what I was expecting this time around too.  So I stepped on the scale and I really didn't want to see the number since I felt like I had gained again.....I lifted my hand up slowly to see that I was down 7 pounds!!!!!!  I am a new high of weight loss and that now puts from the Category 2 Obese into the Category 1 Obese!  So I am on the way from being Obese to be being fat LOL  The nurse gave me a high five and congratulated me.  I was first shocked at the weight and then at the fact she was excited with me!  Dr Merchie heard us high fiving and asked what it was all about.  I actually enjoyed the walk down the hall to his office.  As I walked out I saw the same gal again and she gave me a sincere "see you next time" and a wave.

When I got home, I unloaded the car and was beginning to think about supper.  Dave wanted to go out to get some more oil for the smoke machines so I just had him grab me a salad at McD's.  I did bring him home some chili and desserts from the pot luck so I knew he was taken care of.  I was shelling out the candy for a good hour and half and I wasn't even tempted to eat a single one!  I brought the bowl back into the house and left it there.

There were pics take around the office and once I get a few more in I will post them.  For the here and now, here is Nikki with DoxyLover's headband on.

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