Friday 14 June 2013

I am in the BLT group!

Thank you to everyone that has been with me reading my blog and posting your support as well.  I know some diets work for some and surgeries work for others but I think I have found a good one in Poon that will work for me.  I just need to get the mindset straight to continue on the journey.

That being said I had another session with Susanne last night.  I mentioned the fact I wasn't hungry at lunchtime or suppertime on Wednesday and so we discussed that for a bit.  We discovered that the world is my oyster and I can choose what I want to it.  Where as growing up, it was a "you can't eat this because it has meat, or carcinogens, or whatever Mom/Jack believed at the time....." and I would defy them by eating all the stuff I wasn't allowed.  So know that I am on my own I can eat what I want when I want and that is why I am not thinking/wanting food all the time.  It only took 19 years to get it out of my system and that is a lot of food! LOL

Then we disussed how I eat.  Not meaning I use a fork versus a spoon but do I enjoy food or just putting food in my mouth and scarfing it down.  She had me keep journal last week on my thoughts when I ate.  We looked back on it and found that a savour food and I am happy with the initial in the mouth sensation and really don't want the rest and I guess I am BLT'er in the Poon group . I am also becoming more comfortable with leaving food on my plate but I need to remember not to pick at it. So she commented that I should simply crumple up my napkin and place it on the plate so that I know no one else will eat it, it is covered up so I will forget that it is there and also it is a sign for the waiter to take it away before I pick at it.

She also asked me draw how I see myself.......boy Mrs. Indart would be ashamed LOL Susanne had me talk out loud as I was drawing it and she took notes as we went.....well that made for some fun.  She said that she isn't going to tell me what she wrote but I am sure we are going to revisit this topic later on down the road and sure that there will be changes.

So that is ti for a bit since I am stoked for this weekend of camping and Wonderland all on the same weekend!!!!!!  I will try to post pics when I get back.

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