Friday, 6 September 2013

Welcome Back?????????

I know it has been a while but I have been able to figure out how to post to my blog more regularly on my phone WHEEEEE  So you might even get multiple postings from me know LOL

Things with Susanne are going well and we have started out to figure out some things that will help me make changes for the better in the new future.  We have figured out that I am the kind of gal that needs to make stuff fun in order to get it done.  She figures that is why I enjoy the horse industry so much.
The Dr Poon wagon had a flat for a bit, but that is now fixed and with Susanne’s help I should be more excited about it that I was before.  I have an appointment on Sep 19th that I really need to keep.  It isn’t with Dr. Crystal since he is going to be on holidays so I will see what this guy is like.
The DH and I went on holidays to see family and attended the International Conference and it wasn’t the highlight of the trip for me.  Believe it or not…it was going to the stock yards in Fort Worth.  Here is a pic of me doing what I do best J Why didn't you guys tell me I was startng to get bat wings?!?!?!?!

Work is work. NN was terminated and has been replaced with Navy Wife.  She and I are hitting it off pretty good since she is in the SCA and she has a dog too J DoxyLover is more comfortable around her too than she was with NN.
So that is everything in a nut shell so I will talk again in a bit!

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