Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Keeping Busy

Well the parties are over and now it is time to get back to getting the house in order.  We are moving in the next little while so we have been packing and purging.  There has been a few things packed up that need to go to the charity shop and I think I will do that on Friday.

We have a home stager coming in tomorrow night to tell us to put the couch here, this picture there and paint that wall this colour.  Then hopefully we will be able to get it all done and the little sign on the front of the house.  There was a house further down the block that was on the market for roughly two weeks so there is hope for ours.

I have begun packing up my closet and I am sorting them as to that fits now, and what will fit after surgery is in the tub for storage.  There are a few items in the tub that are older, but they are things like jean shorts and dressy tops.  Don't worry the tops aren't old enough to have shoulder pads in them LOL.

My orientation is a week away and I am getting the tummy flutters when I think about it.  Not the kind when you dread going to the dentist, but the kind of excitement I get when I know the DH is going to call me.  I know I will be nervous but the DH is going as my +1 so he will know what we are in for in regards to recovery.

I have been going to BWLSSG (bariatric support group) and there is a wealth of knowledge there to be had.  Some folks are 2+ years post surgery right up to 2 weeks ago.  I love to hear the stories of how vast their recovery is and where they are now.  Some that are years out are still enjoying the journey of weight loss and love to mentor the new pre & post-ops.

Nikki starts her reading group sessions on Friday.  I think that she will be great at curling up to enjoy the little kids reading to her.  She is at that age now, the less she has to do the better.  She has been getting one day off a week and staying home with the DH.  I tried mid week but for some reason she will have a whole day off and the next day all her manners are out the window!  So we decided that her day off will be my last day of my work week. 

Mel has been shaping up nicely here at the office.  She hasn't been going on her own little walkabouts to find the big picture windows at the office. She has discovered that any table (include the conference table) she needs to go under.  I guess if we get a good sized dining table at the new house she will be under that one too LOL

I haven't been doing much with the ladies at the office, but I am happy to say the DoxyLover was able to get a job with the town!  So that is the reason for the next get together next week ;)

So I guess the next time I post I will have had dinner with the girls, had orientation and perhaps made it through Valentine's Day.

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