Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Turning four-tay over four days

Well what a birthday it was! It was supposed to be a big dinner on Friday but instead it ended up with various get togethers to work around schedules.

It started off on Thursday with supper at Swiss Chalet with my gang from work (past and present) that had DoxyLover, the Edge, ChiChi K, ChiChi L and GiGi. We had a good chin wag about what is going on at the office and was able to catch up on life.  I had their new honey grilled chicken and wasn’t that impressed with what was on my plate.  I ended up leaving the skin behind (the shock & horror I know) had a single bite of the bread, and only ate about half of the fries.  I accidentally worked it out that I got 2 desserts, so I ate a good portion of one and took the cheesecake home.  Had buckets to drink so I ended up sloshing out of the restaurant.
Friday was a double doozy day.  Since I have Fridays off for 4 weeks straight at the office job and since no one could make the Chinese buffet I made plans to have lunch with Maine and then head to Guelph to have supper with Curl at TurtleJack’s.  Well Maine and I originally had the plans for a light lunch then a movie until I was corrected by Maine and we just had a later lunch at another restaurant.  Well my main wasn’t that good so I sent it back and just ate the salad and the corn bread.  Then I ordered the fried cheesecake.  I told them right away when I ordered it to bring a container so I can put half of it away to take home.
For those of you keeping track, that is now 2 desserts in the fridge J
On my way back from the 2 hours lunch with Maine, I got a text from NavyWife saying that she and Mr. NavyWife can go for Chinese.  So I frantically texted Curl and we all headed out there.  Well we got there and I was still full from lunch that I took my time at the buffet.  We all sat and chatted until almost 9 and then Curl headed home and I headed to NavyWife’s place.  We then chatted some more and met their furkid that gives Mel run for the money on energy.

Saturday I was happy to be home to sleep and not eat a darn thing! I shared my fried cheesecake with the DH since I was looking forward to the quiet dinner that we were going to have.  I drive past a nice little restaurant that is on the corner of our street for years and never have gone in.  I thought that this was a great chance to try it out and see.  Boy I was not disappointed!  The food was great; the atmosphere was nice and quiet since there are only 10 tables in the whole place so the DH and I were able to have a good chat.  The food was worth the money that we spent but it won’t be a regular Saturday night thing.
Sunday was yet another fun day too with Nash and we headed for a lunch and a matinee movie.  I informed her of the news of the gastric and she was really interested.  We chatted so much that I didn’t notice the time and I had to take my complimentary dessert home.  I did splurge and grabbed some popcorn for a horror movie that was more horrible than a horror but I still think the first one was the best.  Nash has seen all the other for so she was happy to see that one with me.
I got back home to drop off Nik and thought that since others had cake on their birthday at the other job that there might have been one there for me.  Well it was a letdown when there wasn’t but I guess that just fuels the suspicion of people being secluded by others at the other job.  So I took it upon myself and got some DQ for me and no one else J
So after all that I wasn’t surprised to find that there wasn’t a card on my desk from the office since the DoO has cut back on office supplies to liquid correction fluid instead of the wheel of tape for budget reasons.  So why should I think that there will be a $3 on my desk?
Had a blast turning 40 and I am looking forward to a 40-ish/house warming party this summer too!

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