Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Not Sure

What to call this post since there is a lot of little stuff to make up the post.

BWLSSG has been going really well.  I am learning a lot of stuff from Tim, Marvin and HerderintheSunshine.  HerderintheSunshine had to go back into the hospital since she couldn't keep food down again.  At least this time she is able get water down so they figured that her stomach didn't close over from before.  This time it was a blockage.  The cause of the blockage?  Romaine lettuce from a caesar salad.  That made me inquire how big the opening of the stomach was and I found out that it is the diameter of a dime.  That made the most sense on what Tim advised of "chew 40 times then chew 20 more."  I now realise that the body doesn't lose weight from the head down, you are just burning muscles from all that chewing! LOL

The house hasn't sold yet.  As I type this we are on Day 12.  We have had 2 open houses that were busy but not takers yet.  The agent wants to have a 3rd open house the weekend coming.  The house on the main street that was selling less than ours sold for asking price.  #25 with the different layout hasn't been sold but they are on the market the same amount of days as we have been.  We have had a new contender crop up on the street at #3.  They have the layout on 2 floors but their kitchen and living room are switched compared to ours.  They have updated it and are asking a substantial amount more too.  So I guess it is a waiting game.

We have been out of the house more times than in and I was actually happy to cook supper and so laundry last week!   I would like to take a personal thank you to Mister NavyWife and NavyWife since I sent them a sob text asking if they were busy.  They happily to invited me and the girls over so that their dog could have a good run.  I am hoping that there aren't any viewings before the open house next week because we had an offer and also so that we don't have to impose on them again at the Dew Drop Inn.

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