Friday, 30 May 2014

I know, I know.......

It has been quite a while since my last post but I had every intentions to write a post and then something would happen.  At that point I would think "I guess I will add that to my next post" and it all just snowballed.  So be prepared for a long post today!

Well work has sucked.  I was walked out under "restructuring" and I can officially say my card was marked. The DoO was replacing the office with temps after someone left and it the were starting with the more senior ones first.  Kind of first in, first out.  So I have been applying to various jobs within my field for the last month with about 5 interviews at Temp Agencies since that seems to be the way employers are going to these days. So once I get something permanent again I am sure you all will hear about it.

Being off has caused Nikki to go a bit stir crazy.  She is used to being out and expelling her energy through out the day, even though I still post pics of her sleeping every once in a while LOL  So her and I have made a deal that if we aren't going out for an appointment we are taking a walk around the block so she can be goofy and Melodie can still see the light of day.  I am also getting a bit of a leg stretch from sitting at the computer in the morning looking for a job.

Now before you get worried about the house, we were able to get it sold and our great mortgage broker was able to use the existing paperwork to get the money we needed for a new house.  So our current place sold for over asking and the new place is still within our budget.  The DH is getting excited for the new house since he has been able to buy a lawn mower for grass we now have to mow ourselves.  He has also drawn up plans for a new shed to hold all the stuff that is in our existing garage.  The girls have taken to the new place too since they have already made friends with Charlie next door.

So with me being off I have been able to start packing the rest of the house, albeit it is slowly, but I figure next week I will realise the sense of urgency when it rolls over to June the 1st.  We get the keys to the new place on June the 20th and the new owners of the current place move in on June the 27th. Can you believe that we are already getting their post?  I can understand that if the house was empty to get mail sent here, but we still live here for another 3 weeks!

Melodie is doing great on her training, and I contacted the trainer to ask when she wanted to give Mel her last evaluation.  Last year we went to an event that was is the south central part of Toronto.  This year the event was earlier and on the far east side of Toronto.  With one of the major highways under construction I wasn't up to trucking across the city on side streets.  So we agreed that we are off to an Agricultural Fair for their Rodeo Day in November.  Keep your finger crossed!

Things with my surgery had me concerned for a bit in May.  I was to be scheduled for May the 28th for the Nurse's appointment but while I was meeting the Social Worker I was able to get it bumped to May the 7th.  Sweet!  Not so much.  Because of the construction on the highway that I was unaware of, I was 16 minutes late getting there.  Well they have a cut off of 15 minutes grace and then you get rescheduled to August.  I cried right in the middle of the waiting room because with the delay in this appointment my timeline if "Thanksgiving" now had been bumped to "Christmas" and was told that I can keep my rescheduled appointment and I can be put on a "cancellation list."  I agreed to that and figured I would be person #221 on the list and the chances of getting a call before August were none existent.  Boy was I wrong!  I got a called from the office on Thursday June 15th and there was a cancellation for a 1:15 appointment on May the 21st.  I was floored and you could have knocked me over with a feather!  So I left the house at 11:30 am to get down there and I was there early enough to have a sandwich in the food court before my appointment.  I was seen by the nurse as well as a nurse in training and passed with flying colours.  On the way out they asked me if I had to time to get some blood work done too so that I wouldn't have to come back another day.  Sure I can kill 2 birds with one stone.  In the meantime I got the next set of appointments and I have the 2 1/2 hour nutrition class next week on June the 3rd!  They also gave me my last 2 appointments before I meet the surgeon but the told me to check in for cancellations when I go for my nutrition course next week.

I am still going to the BWLSSG and I am still the only one there that is pre-surgery.  The meeting (more like get togethers) some folks gave me various protein shakes to try.  Picante gave me the chocolate premier protein shake to try and I have to admit it didn't go down that well.  Now SandyD gave me 2 flavours of her brand to try and I haven't had a chance since I have packed away the magic bullet LOL  So I guess I will be venturing to the local nutrition house in the mall to see if they have samples.  I would prefer the kind that are premixed so that I am not spending my mornings mixing and measuring powders.  There are guidelines that I will need to follow so I am looking at various ones when I come across them.

The last BWLSSG was in a public place since HeardingInTheSunshine (I think I might have to rethink the name on that one.....perhaps SunshineHerder) is having her place renovated.  My disassociation got pretty bad since it was in a public place near a street corner and everyone was trying to talk over traffic.  I suggested that we should take a camper chair and just hang out in SunshineHerder's back yard next month.  I think some of the group enjoyed the coffee that we were having too.  So I will see what the group decides for the next get together and I will make precautions to curb my disassociation.

Speaking of my disassociation, I have found a store that has really done me in more than Walmart.  BestBuy.  The DH and went in there to get something for the television and I figure that with all the large screen televisions playing something, the music and just trying to navigate through it all I was really overwhelmed.  I actually left the store with Nikki and headed to the truck to recover.

Mom is doing really well, she has moved to 4 hours away with round-about-step-sister and her hubby.  So she gave up her factory job with my cousin-in-law to do so and she has had interviews in her town to get her self set up again.  She is coming down tomorrow for her birthday and she is catching up with my brother and his girlfriend before heading back.

So I think that has you all caught up on what is going on around here so since I have been told that the pictures are the highlights to my posts I leave you with one:

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