Friday, 22 August 2014

Everything is settled

I do believe that the house is finally in a state of order that it is a home.  We are having a garage sale tomorrow that will let me clear out the last of the clutter that is hanging around.  Don't worry I won't have a price tag on the dogs or the DH LOL

Nash has made herself at home here and I think that I have taken on a maternal instinct with her.  I felt like I should have washed her bed linens yesterday when I washed ours and then I figured that there are boundaries set and the reason she moved out was to become independent.  So I said no to myself and thought she can was her own linens.  I talked to Susanne about this and she mentioned that Nash has become more of an extended family than tenant.  I just need to remind myself that she is 26 not 12.

NavyWife and Mr.NavyWife have moved away to Pickering.  For those of you that are wondering where that is, that is an hour on the eastern side of Toronto.  I really miss having her close since she was a jaunt and call away. It was nothing to make a quick call and we were at a restaurant an hour later.  I guess I will have to make more of an effort to make it a half day away to see her and the pup.  Mr. NavyWife is off on his boat for the next year so I am sure she would appreciate the visits.

We took some holidays to Rockford IL (an hour outside of Chicago) for the 2014 International Conference.  We needed to go since we were hosting the Hospitality Suite for the 2015 Conference.  We had various foods and drinks through out the weekend that kept people coming back to the room.  At one point on Saturday we had almost everyone in the room that there was only one couple on the dance floor and a table of about 5 people at the dance!  That makes for a great party LOL  I did meet up with DenverU that has had the sleeve done in the US.  I was sitting back and observed him and how folks were mentioning his weight loss. He really didn't mention what he had done, and was simply taking the compliments in stride.  DJ even mentioned that he was tossed in the wash and shrunk.  I like that and will think that I will use it!

Speaking of the surgery, I have completed the initial leg work for the round table of discussions.  This is to see if I am mentally and physically able to handle the surgery itself as well as the after care that will arise.  Well I got the call and I am able to meet my surgeon Dr. Rotstein on September the 26th at 9 a.m.! I have talked with Susanne about a fear that I have going into surgery.  I haven't had surgery before so dental work is the closest thing I have to compare it to and whenever I have any dental work done and something happens the first thing I do is make expressions with my eyes.  So I do understand that they will tape my eyes closed for the surgery and I am afraid that if I am not completely out and I feel something that I am not going to be able to do anything with my eyes.  So Susanne suggested that I mention this to my surgeon and see what he has to say about it.  I mentioned this to the DH this morning and he said the there is no way that I am going to feel anything and I will be fast asleep.  He also mentioned that I will count down from a hundred and not even hit 95 and then I will be waking up.  I hope he is right.

So I am still looking for work and I have been on various interviews but nothing has cropped up.  Until then, I will keep plugging away at life.

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