Friday, 14 August 2015

Gonna be busy......

So I thought I would get quick post in.
-things with the physiotherapist are going well.  The crystals all have made it back home so know we are working on balance and the inner ear coordination.  She said 2 more visits and I should be right as rain.
-had a bit of a scare this week.  I had gained 5 pounds and was really concerned about it.  I was able to analyze my foods and found that I was eating waaaay out of my range in carbs.  So I have started reading labels again and buying new power bars and yogurts. I am happy to say that with these changes I have lost those 5 (again) and another 2.

-C was declined her revision surgery and that was a shock to me.  She had the same surgery as me and she was told that if she had any other surgery she would have been approved.  This is a good lesson for me to always keep everything in check. 

-Had DentisT over to the house this week and I tried on her skirt again and it was fitting pretty good.  I think it is the skirt I will wear to the marine dinner next Friday.  I just need to find a brown top to wear with it.  I also showed her my purple dress and it looked okay.  I am still trying to figure out how I can weigh less than my barn days but the still feels tight in the tummy?  I guess that will be core work in the new year and for next weekend it will be Spanx LOL

-Made a new friend recently (waves at her in case she is reading this) and I think I will call her Fleesa :)  She is into running and we decided that at the conference that we would be going on runs together.  So I guess I better get on GoogleMaps to see what I can route.  I see her being a "virtual" buddy support system and hopefully I can return the favour.

-This weekend I am doing something that I haven't done since surgery.  I am heading to the barn.  The last time I was there was for my birthday 2 years ago.  If you notice, my butt is too big for the saddle and I felt bad for Amarillo :(

We will see how this weekend goes.
-Next week is the start of the IC and holidays.  I know that here is going to be a lot of food at the IC so I am going to keep my cups nearby to measure EVERYTHING!
-As for the rest of the vacation?  That will be camping.  We need to compress from planning the IC for the past 2 years.
So I think I will be able to post from the hotel in Niagara Falls NY but if not it will be from the campsite!

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