Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The weekend that wasn’t

Well the weekend didn’t turn out like I had planned but that is okay since it turned out to be a nice one anyway.

I got a text from the DH saying that work has dumped on him and he isn’t able to go camping.  I had a though for 30 seconds of going on my own but when I go home and saw the state he was in I really couldn’t go for 3 days and leave him there.  I figured he needed me more than I need to plunk my butt at campground for 3 days.
So I offered to work his shift at the 2nd job to relieve some stress for him.  I managed to get 2 hours worked on a busy Friday shift before my disassociation kicked in.  Lucky enough things calmed down around 8 and I headed home.  I asked the DH if he wanted any supper and I was willing to grab something. He said that he was eating some old pizza and that was enough. So I headed to DQ since I heard that they had some new chicken “snack” wraps.  So I ordered the chicken quesadilla and took it home.  I was pleasantly surprised at the size and it was Tiny Tummy size and it had some nice flavour, except for the black olives.  Really O_o  I will need to remember to order them without the olives next time.  Needless to say Mel-Mel and Nikki were happy to get the end pieces as I ate it.
Saturday I lounged and the DH said that the money I earned working his shift was mine, so I decided to blow it on clothes.  Or tried to LOL.  I texted Maine & her daughter about hitting a few stores and they were up to it.  So we headed off to a local charity shop where we found about 27 things to try one and I came home with 3 LOL. I found a navy blue skort from Reitman’s that says size 11.  Really….a 11. So does that make me a 12 in a regular store?  Who knows.  I also found a pair of jean shorts and a nice top that gives me some shape.
From there we headed to the local mall and I ended up at a bra shop and they had bras at 40% off which is fine, but when they start at $40 I was bit concerned.  Do I picked up 3 and now the “girls” are happy where they belong and snug again. I did have some buyer’s remorse since I know I can get them cheaper at Wal-Mart but I was informed that "the “girls” wouldn’t be as happy or look as good.”  So I will keep them.
I headed to a store that always seemed out of my reach since they do carry XXL but every time I looked at them it seemed waaaaay to small.  This time, armed with courage of Main and her daughter and 90 pounds gone I ventured in.  I decided that since I was my 8 month surgiversary I wanted to see what I could find for a good “after/in process pic” to post.  And well Maine found a nice dress in the XXL and I tried it on.  In my mind it seemed a little snug and I am sure when I hit goal I will reconsider it.  This is the dress we found:


It has some pleating on it to hide a multitude of sins and really distracts the eye.   I would have considered buying for the IC, but I really didn’t have $150 to buy it right now since I am still saving for the room for the OH conference in NC.
So I headed home after dropping off my fashionistas and the DH and decided to head out for supper.  We hit the Montana’s nearby and I tried pork ribs for the first time.  They sat really well and will most likely order them again. 
Sunday was supposed to be a fire and supper with Main and her family and C&F.  Well F was feeling under the weather so he passed on coming out but we tried to have some fun between all the rain.  It started to storm at 5, so dinner was moved inside and we finished cooking it on the stove and we watched the original Tron since PizzGuy had never seen it.  Once that was over C decided to leave since her and F had tickets to a baseball game and she likes to get to the stadium early.
At this point the weather had cleared so Maine and the family moved back outdoor to toast some marshmallows and take the dog s for walk.  Well we got back and the weather was moving in again so we all headed back downstairs to watch “Morticai” since none of had seen it.  Once it was over everyone headed their separate ways for the night.
Yesterday had glorious weather so I put some laundry on the line and helped the DH with some stuff for the IC.  I t was mostly name badges and organization but I am sure that he was glad for the help.  Once I had finished that up while he was at the second job, I had a migraine kick in.  I am not sure if it was the lack of protein or what, but I was breaking out in sweats and so I went upstairs to bed at 8.  Needless to say as of this morning the headache has not subsided but the boss is on holidays and it payroll.  So I will suck it up (and 2 tablets) and head off to work.
So far the tablets are kicking in and I am trying to get through my work.

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