Wednesday 12 December 2012

Stress...what stress?

Well things around here have started to get nuts. 

Work had a Christmas do at the golf course and I had a big bout of disassociation and I am glad that DoxyLover knows enough about me to catch it.  Now don't go blaming Nik for falling down on the job, she was working and I found it frustrating and stuffed cotton in her ears.  I was concerned about her noise level and didn't acknowledge it for me.  DUH.........

Since this was a surprise to some of us, I was asked to still plan the pot luck, desk decorating and a White Elephant gift exchange.  So I finally go around to decorating my desk on Tuesday and will be finishing it on Wednesday for a Thursday contest.

I am lucky that the DH is going to grab the groceries for my contribution for the pot luck since I have a specialist appointment on Thursday morning regarding my side so I am going to have to stay late to get my work done.

Also the club is having its Christmas do in the 15th, so I am going to finish organising that and cook the turkey and the stuff for aver a dozen people.  I am just glad that everyone else is contributing a side to with it so I can just focus on what I need.

Mom and the little brother is coming over on the 22nd for our Christmas since at the time it was planned, mom was in southern Ontario and it would have been easier for to come over.  Things have changed and she was laid off from the job and she went back up to Elliot Lake.  So now I am not sure if she is going to take the ends tables for an apartment she doesn't need.  By brother hasn't replied to my emails so I guess I am just going to do it the old fashioned way and use the phone LOL.

Speaking of family, Dad needs surgery to remove a kidney that has a growth.  He has a new girlfriend and yet again I have been told that "she is the one" but I have heard this numerous times and they honestly remind me of lost cats that show up on his doorstep and he takes them in.  Well the DH and I super busy this time with him being the CS of SFI and Christmas parties.  When the GF asked if she could stay at our place we were hesitant since we met her twice before but we ran with it.  Needless to say she emailed me this morning with a bunch of BS saying that my plans are more important than my dad blah blah........apparently we are going to discuss this when Dad recovers.  At this point I have decided that this isn't the first time lines have been drawn in the sand with my dad so what is a few more years? 

I happy to say that the shifts at the 2nd job have been cut back to 3 night and I am soooo glad of that!  I think if I had to deal with that I would have gone mad!  Last week I had 5 shift and I do admit the money was good since I got a good chunk of the DH shopping gone but my sanity needed saving and so did my marriage LOL

So hopefully I don't have a carb overload in the next few weeks and I will get through this!!!!!

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