Monday, 3 December 2012

What a weekend!

Friday night we were hit with some snow that wasn’t there when we parked our cars in the morning……So I had a 3 hour drive to get home (please not Gilligan’s Island jokes) that normally is about 45 minutes.  Once I was north of Steeles (a major road but not quite highway) there was no snow!  I contribute that to the lake that is near work and it was blowing in from there. 

Saturday we headed to Bufflo NY for a holiday party.  I was glad that I went since I was able to meet up with MeeMaw and she is looking good.  She has had LapBand surgery and is down 131 pounds.  I honestly didn’t think that it was such a big number on such a little body frame!  She notice my weight loss too so we decided to pose for a photo together and we also decided that when both of us are in Dallas together in August we are going to have a day together and then wow everyone with what we have done J  We compared foods and lifestyles and what she was saying seems really constrictive but then some folks would say the same about Dr. Poon.  Both of us enjoyed our chicken with green salad for supper and our little chat.  It must be a weight loss thing to put our hands on our hips.......

Sunday we decided to put up the Christmas tree and I do admit I was rushing to get it up since Topper’s called and they needed me early and I was hoping to get on the treadmill.  I managed to drop last year’s Eeyore ornament from Dave and I broke off his ear.  L  In a weird way I was glad that it was one of mine and not one of Dave’s Star Trek ornaments. 

I went looking on the internet for a pic of the one I dropped and with no avail I can’t find it!  I guess I better keep a close eye on this ornament LOL but this is the tree completely decorated.

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