Thursday, 10 January 2013

What a year!

Well it is my b-day and I am turning 29 again LOL….In reflection over the past year things have turned out for the better.
I have been able to shed 25+ pounds with Dr. Poon and still working at it.  I am glad to lose it slowly and it makes me realise how easy it is to put back on.  My good cholesterol is doing great and my bad cholesterol has dropped but not enough to get me out of the red zone but dropping.  My sugars have reached into the red zone which has my family doctor concerned since Dad was last one on his side to be diagnosed with Diabetes.   We have been keeping an eye on my sugars in case mine ever elevated for years.  So I have been told that I have 3 months to get stuff under control again and I think that I will need to talk to Dr Marchie at the clinic to see if I need to make any adjustments to my Phase 1.  I do admit that I still suffer from BLT’s but I am going to have to cut those out for sure!  I actually used a horse reference when it came to the difference between Glo’s hubby and me.  I referred myself as an easy keeper and her hubby as a hard keeper…..for those of you that don’t know an easy keeper, easy doer or (British English) good doer is a livestock animal that can live on relatively little food. The opposite of an easy keeper is a hard keeper (poor doer), an animal that is prone to be too thin and has difficulty maintaining adequate weight.
I have celebrated a year at work and it has been just as great when I first started today…There has been a few changes and I think that it might all just work out in the wash.  I now have DoxyLover in Ohio’s old spot and Nikki just loves it.  I think I had enough of Curly T sighing and simply saying “Debbie…..” and expecting me to move Nik.  The office has getting full with new hires.  I am just concerned with the new DoO that she might be a money grubber and really doesn’t take the client’s feelings at heart.  She expects us to process pay days earlier than before the pay date and I am sure that these small businesses don’t have that kind of money floating around.  I am still going to keep the mindset of helping out the “little guy” where I can since we have been in business for 25 years we must be doing something right. 
I was looking for pics from a year ago and then recently but IO honestly didn’t find any that showed any real change.  So you will just have to enjoy Nik’s Christmas photo in front of my fireplace at work that I made for the desk decorating contest J

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