Thursday, 29 November 2012

"Get out of jail free"

Dr. Poon post recently in his blog the following post:

“If you have to cheat, cheat small”
This is one of my sayings.

Holidays are fast approaching and there will be lots of eating opportunities. On the Phase Three handout there is a list of foods that are banned. They are banned because they has either too much sugar, starch, fat and/or salt. I do not necessarily mean that you can never taste it again in your life; but rather, do not eat the whole serving of those products at once. If you wish to taste, have a bite or two and stop. I’ve had many people tell me that they just had a “small” piece of the cake during the party, and subsequently gained weight. How do you define small? A single bite or spoonful is a small piece to me.

Most of our patients have medical issues related to their weight, so remember another saying of mine, “Disease does not take holidays.”

In my mind this is like a get out of jail free card from Monopoly.

This is giving me permission for the BLT's that posted about the other day.  I read it as "I can take a whole bunch of little bites and it won't matter."  I also reminds me of a poster I saw about calories that said stuff like a broken cookie has no calories since the all leak out or if you share a dessert it is half the calories etc.

I am just concerned that if I start thinking like this, subconsciously the nibbles will turn into huge, ugly cheek puffing bites and I would have been better off ordering one for myself and taking the time to eat a small mouthful.

So I am not going travel down this path, an just stick to my all or nothing mantra right now.


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