Monday 28 January 2013

Where do I go????

First off I need to apologise to the DH since I have been a little reclusive recently and keeping quiet and deep in thought about what Dr. Ferguason said at my last visit on the 10th and I have been shrugging off the treadmill.
I am really torn in my health and not sure which direction to take it. 

Here it is……I have been told that I have to lose weight in the next 3 months because my sugars have finally reached the diabetic stage on my last blood work. Now Dr Poon’s diet does help with this since I haven’t been at these levels before and I have been skirting on the edge for a few years. 

My Dad was the last one in his family to be diagnosed (my granddad, my grandma, Uncle George, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Ronnie and Dad) with the injectable diabetes and I am being to think that it is inevitable.  My grandmother on my Mom's side was over weight (they use to joke that she was 4 foot 8 high and 4 foot 8 around) and the only health issue they have ever had was Grandad Talbot having a heart attack after shovelling the snow when he fell asleep on the couch afterwards.

So my dilemma is, do give up Poon and just accept the fact I am diabetic and go on the meds and enjoy the size that I am, or keep on Poon to lose the weight and take the chances of not being diabetic?

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