Monday, 11 March 2013

Shortest month of the Year

I know it has been a month but at least I picked the shortest month of the year ha ha……..
Since the end of January I have been really feeling like I have only been going through the motions of everyday.  I was working Super Bowl weekend at the other job and it was really quiet.  I remember thinking that the Grey Cup had more action than the Super Bowl.  I guess that is what happens when you live in Canada.
There was a Poon Group meeting about mid-February and Ms. Poonpalooza herself was stopping in too!  It was a pot luck that we were to make our favorite dish, so I happily made my chicken pesto and it got rave reviews.  It was interesting to see how many of us will cook and how many rely on the store bought stuff from the store attached to the Clinic.  Leigh mentioned herself that she is more of a home cook and the store rarely got a visit from her. 
I had a brutal cold later in February too.  I ended up sleeping most of Family Day since I was wiped!  I had no interest in food and ended up working a short shift at the 2nd job and just went home.  I went into the office on the Tuesday just because I knew that my biggest client had payrolls that needed to be processed and he only likes the fact that I do them.  So I go them done and as much as I could so that I could take Wednesday off and I just slept then too.  I did eventually haul myself out of bed to go visit Dr. Marchie to find I down 3 pounds but it was all water.  I think it was all my sneezing LOL
February was a pretty sullen month since I had lost all interest in eating right and the treadmill.  Sullen isn't the right word....more like "I don't give a Flying Fig Newton about anything" so  I decided that on my drive into the office that something had to be done.  So I thought it was time to see a counsellor called Sanka again, who I haven’t seen in many.  I would have to say at least 5 years so I gave her a call.  I found out that she was still at the same location but she had increased her fees and my office would only cover $300 or roughly 2 visits.  So the DH and I were talking and he has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that sets you up with a counsellor and they pay for 12 visits.  So since I figured I was going to need to rehash everything to Sanka, I might was well do the same with this one and I will call her Coco.
Why do I need one?  Well I still am half-hearted about Poon, the treadmill is becoming more a walk/jaunt than a running tool and since I haven’t done the first 2, the diabetes thing is still in the back of mind and that is where it has stayed.  I haven’t had the “a-ha” moment yet to wake me up about it.  I have been just going from point A to point B and back again in auto pilot.  The DH has asked what he can do to make me happy again and I honestly don’t know.
I am starting to feel a little motivated, just for the fact that my list of friends are doing things that make me feel like that I have been “left behind” and I feel like showing them wrong.  What I mean by this, is that one has left Poon for WW, I have a good friend who is getting GBP in a few weeks, I found out another on has had the Lapband done and another who might not ever get well enough.  So I feel like I want to stay on Poon just to show that it can be done.  But I don’t have the get up and go to do anything about it.
That brings us to this week and I have my usual 3 shifts at the other job where food is going to be a temptation, 2 St. Patrick Day parties and I am finally going to get see Coco on the 26th. I will post pics of all of us in green at the office……..

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  1. Yes, your chicken WAS great! I didn't know you were doing a blog like Poonapalooza! :D COOL! :D I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is keep Pooning on! Can you find any more FUN activity to do than just the treadmill?? MIGHT help??