Monday, 16 December 2013

Bullet Points for a Post

·         I know it has been a while
·         I have been accepted for RNY surgery much to Dr Sarah’s surprise she didn't think I had enough check to qualify.  I have a 2-3 hours orientation meeting about it all in TO on Feb 12th. I can’t reschedule since they are like the golden ticket to see Willy Wonka.
·         Been keeping in touch with some of the gals that are no longer at work and I am glad that I am making the effort.
·         Feeling the love at work with the NavyWife and we are just going to ride it all out.
·         Nik & I were at the Santa Claus Parade with SJTD and we had a blast.  Mind you Nik was getting tired near the end was getting grumpy at the other dogs.  I don’t blame a 12 y/o puppy.
·         Went to the Hadfield Christmas Party on the weekend and didn’t really eat that much.  It was mentioned that I was eating like a bird which was good enough for me.  To me it was a validation that I was overeating/bingeing.
·         We had the work party and I had to leave early with NavyWife since my disassociation was really bad.  Nik wouldn’t settle and there were a few times she was in my lap.  After looking back I should have sat with my back to the window so that the blinking Christmas lights wouldn’t have been in my view all night.
·         Headed to the mall on the weekend too.  I am glad that I had the DH there to get me out because after an hour in the food court I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the mall.  I told him that next year we should just buy everything online.
·         The holidays are going to have mixed feelings.  I am going to enjoy going to Mom’s and the BIL’s in Ottawa, but since we need to start renovating the house I feel like I don’t have a proper place for the wrapped gifts since I decided that we weren’t putting up the tree.  I honestly haven’t even started decorating my desk for the contest that is this Thursday.  I guess the 3 nights at week at the other job are finally taking a toll.
·         In a few weeks we go to 4 – 10hr days in a week with a Friday off.  I know I will save on gas, but I am losing 2 of my 3 shifts.  I guess we will see how that all goes.
There will be more posts in the future and definitely before the New Year ;)

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