Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last one for 2013

Don’t worry I won’t get to soppy with the “Year in Review” but I do admit it was an interesting with the trip to Texas, the DH finishing his command as CS, getting Mel to the first of 2 stages of her training and a huge turnover at the day job.

The DH has some more free time in 2014 so I am hoping that we will be able to do more spontaneous stuff.  My new work schedule has me with Fridays off so I am hoping that I can use these to my advantage to do stuff with the DH like hitting Wonderland or even hitting the campsite a bit earlier.

On Christmas Eve I stopped in at the out-laws to drop off the presents and I guess there was some crossed wires from someone that reads my blog.  The SOL asked me if I was having heart issues since someone has told her I was having bypass surgery……That kind of made me giggle when I got to the car and thought that my heart is the only thing Dr. Sarah says I have on me that is textbook LOL  I corrected her and that started with a friend that is has been approved.

We have started packing for the move and I am finding that I am getting rid of some stuff. If I can’t remember who gave it to me and I haven’t used it, out it goes. We will definitely need a storage unit for a few month to make the house look “minimal” for people coming in.

So that is it for now, enjoy the last few hours of 2013 and have a healthy 2014

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