Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Good News.....

We are in the New Year so camping is coming back soon! LOL

With the stress that is happening here at the office I have to admit that I am not a stress eater.  I am a stress drinker (of water LOL)  Things get loud and over whelming I am finding that I will put my ear bud in and grab a drink of water from my water bottle.  Next thing I know I have downed a full litre of water!  Time is flying by during the day and I feel an honest hungry rather than a bored hungry.  I am also finding that I am not wanting all my food that I bring so I just take it back home.  All of this has made it good news in my book!

I have been carpooling with a girl I will call Monty since we are on the same team and I end up going right past her place to get to the office.  We have been able to chat about the office and how things are/are not shaping up with this implementation.  I am not sure if it is going to fly but Edge, the NavyWife and I are just going to sit back and see. At least until June.  Those 2 ladies have the chance to be on the same team and with Ohio but I am across the office in the corner with Nikki.  The square footage rocks for her and I but I don't have the same view as before.  No biggy since they are on Skype and have a chance to chat that way.

I have been hanging with DoxyLover recently too.  We have been able to keep up on all the gossip that is flying around with everyone that is or has been at the office.  Pretty soon we will run out of office talk LOL.

So  here is that we can all cope before we go postal!

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