Tuesday, 12 May 2015


A question that is asked of us that have had this surgery at some point or another.  Most of the time it is “just one…..why didn’t I have it sooner?”

I have thought about having any regrets regarding the surgery and I will say that I don’t have one.  It isn’t an easy road as many of you have seen by reading this blog, but I think I have it easy considering what I have read on various message boards.
Would I have had the surgery sooner?  I am not sure.

It was a 3+ years now when Dr. Sarah suggested the surgery and looking back I don’t think I would have been mentally prepared.

The year before the surgery when we go to TWH it is to help us get ready for the surgery but I believe that it just scratches the surface.  If I didn’t do my own research or have the help of Susanne I would have been at a loss and most likely would have been more detrimental to myself.
In the past 3 years I think I have mentally grown with the help of Susanne and the DH to put me in a place to use the Tiny Tummy as a tool for weight loss rather than the answer.

In those 3 years I have learned the obsession that I have with food when I am told no by someone; I have learned all I need is a bite, lick or taste; learned the difference in proteins that would benefit me; and found a new relationship with veggies that I look forward to eating them.
I think I am glad that I had waited.

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