Friday, 8 May 2015

Stress, Poop and Bums

The end of April was my last post and it only feels less than that has gone by!  I guess that is what happens when you have auditors come into the office and they are here for 4 days straight!  I felt like they were looking for some skeleton that was in the closet.  I has the Boss if she was nervous and she said that she wasn’t.  It was more the stress of getting everything ready before they got here that does her in.  So I decided to brighten her day and I bought her this little flower and secretly placed it on her desk.  Needless to say her desk was so full she didn’t even see it until we left.

I felt bad for the Boss since I had a brutal headache on Tuesday that caused me to vomit a few times through the night.  I was afraid of “squeezing” to hard and doing damage to the Tiny Tummy.  I know that I am 5 months post op now but the fear will be there until I go for another check up on June when I can see what state everything is.  I know they are going to ask me about pooping.  Well I think that I am going to mention that I am pooping like a man right now.  I think the DH dreads going into the bathroom every third day after me.  They warned is that protein poops are going to be large and in charge.  Well I am definitely following this and I have not been able to fix the toilet myself.  I am getting some fibre supplements when I go the grocer’s on Saturday.  Not just for my sake, but for the sanity of the DH and the toilet LOL

I had dinner with DoxyLover and the Hubby last night and they were nice enough to let me ride the coattails for their Costco membership so I could get some Premier Protein shakes and bars.  I am finding that I am struggling with the protein again and the hair is still coming out.  The powder I was using from the Bulk Barn was making too much for me to drink and I felt like I wasn’t getting all the protein.  This way, the containers are 11 ozs with 30 grams of protein and I sip on it in the car while it is still cold.  I then can have a bar that is another 30 grams of protein as a snack at 10:30.  Well that was my plan.  I tried it today to find that the bar at 10:30 filled me up so much I didn’t even think about lunch.  I poked my brie and apple “toast” around and I am taking it home for supper instead.  So I think ½ the bar will be the 10:30 am snack and the other half will be my 3:00 pm snack or just lunch.  I am hoping that this will kick start the growth for my hair and nails.
The DH and I built a raised flower bed/garden on the weekend and come Sunday I was really warm so I thought I would put on my leggings for bumming around the houses.  I have to admit that I rocked them pretty good!  I am not saying that I going to take up stripping because of it, but I was concerned about drooping skin in the back causing all sort if issues.  But as you can see, I think I have my western riding butt back and it took for me to lose 70 pounds to do it J 

I also tried some marshmallow when C, Maine, PizzaGuy and the kids were over on Saturday night for the first campfire in the back yard of the year!  Well the Tummy Troll made such a ruckus that the DH got the rest of it.  I guess I am not up to those and I am not sure if I want to try the sugar free marshmallows over a fire.  That is something I will have find and experiment with.

I almost forgot to tell you about the movies!  The DH and I went to see the latest Avengers in 3D and we slummed it and got regular seats.  Well I was able to sit in them with space to spare!  It was a great thing not to worry about knocking over pop when I went to sit down or feel like I was imposing on the DH's space on the arm rest.  Next thing I know, I will be able to sit like Nash in but in the VIP seats LOL

So things are well and I am hoping that you are all well too!

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