Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Great Feats.

Wow not quite a month but I had the best of intentions to writing a post!

There have been a few things going on so I will keep it a quick as possible (as if......)

-The May long weekend found the DH and I camping nearby and we had quite a relaxing time. we headed out for walks regularly even if he forgot his "old man hat" to keep the sun off.  he did manage to snap a picture of me cooking supper.  I am wearing a shirt that looks miles too big on me but I thought it fit.

-Mother's Day was pretty quite for the Dh and I.  It was so quiet that we were the only ones in the restaurant LOL.  We were at "The Crook" just before noon and I thought there might have been a line up to get or at least another family wanting to eat.  It  was nice to have and we enjoyed ourselves.
-Mom was up between Mother's Day and her birthday and all she wanted was a nice supper and campfire so that is what we did.  We had Maine and her family over too just to fill up the back yard for mom.
-the same weekend mom was up I made it into Onederland!  Not to be confused with the place with the coasters. 
I showed mom a picture of the scale I took and she said "you know, once you start toing you are going to have a rocking bod!"  This was really hard to listen to when you mom is over 65.
-Last weekend we as golf tourney for the day job and I was really out of my element since I know nothing of golf.  So I was happy to stand at the front of the food line and take tickets for drinks and the dessert.  There was 3 rain delays so the golf club gave receipts for everyone to come back another day.  The most holes that were golfed was 5 but everyone enjoyed the food and draws.
-RedRogers if officially left the Therapy Dog building.  her last day was may the 31st and that leaves GreyHorse and I holding the fort to get the 19 volunteers through the program.  I think RedRogers has set us up with enough info we should be alright.  She also has offered to let us email her with questions and just to chat.  we had a farewell lunch for her and I slowly ate some broccoli cheddar soup and I realised how fast everyone else eats.  It was one of those "to myself" thoughts I had observing.
-I have joined a challenge on FB where we exercise hard one day and easier on the next for over 30 minutes each day and you post a pic on FB of what you had done.  We also have 2 freebee off days for the whole month of June.  Since I was working the 2nd job last night I decided to start off with an easier day rather than none at all.  So Mel and I walked 2.98 km's in 40 minutes on our lunch at the day job.

So I think that is up to date for y'all and I am looking forward to my 6 month follow up on Wednesday and a BBQ & Bonfire Baby Shower for the bother and his girlfriend with my family.

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