Monday 27 April 2015

What a weekend!

Today was the 2nd Friday of the Day Job and I think I will get use to it.  My body is still thinking that the Therapy Dog visits we do on Wednesdays are still on Fridays.  It doesn't help when I work the DH shift at the 2nd job on Monday night and had the Wednesday off.  I am sure that it will feel less hectic this week (I hope)

So there is a restaurant at the corner near the Day Job where they employ folks that have a developmental disability to work cooking and serving.  So they send emails out on a daily basis of what the specials are and Friday caught McCannBeIrish and my attention since they were offering a spinach salad topped with almonds, poppy seed dressing and fresh strawberries.  So I had to go to storage and the bank for the office so I offered to pick it up on the way back.  I thought if the spinach doesn't sit well I can always pick at the strawberries and the almonds.  When I opened up the box we were both pleasantly surprised how it look and it tasted "ahhhhhmazing!"

Debbie Blaser's photo.

Granted I only at 1/4 of the spinach and bits but the tummy troll didn't complain, I didn't get a blockage like I feared and I wanted to eat the whole darn thing it was that tasty!  So I picked out the strawberries and the almonds in cellophane and tossed the spinach since it would be too wilted by the time I got to it for supper.

Well I was going to have a Therapy Dog visit with Noodle at the Women's Shelter near the Day Job, until I received and email from RedRogers saying that things hadn't settled out yet and we weren't visiting.  So I headed home and chatted with the DH to see how his day was before he went off to the 2nd job.  I decided that I was beat so I took a nap and I guess I felt revived so I took the girls for a walk before heading out to get groceries.

Saturday was Mom's moving day.  She decided to move back to her "home town" and was able to find a bachelor apartment and of course she had to much stuff to fit in.  She didn't have room for her freezer and my cousin NT forgot to take the tires to the "Farm" for storage.  So lucky enough the DH and I took the truck and we came home with both.  I also got a few compliments from the family since none of them haven't seen me since Mom's birthday get together last May.  NT called me "scrawny" and told me that he hasn't seen me this "small" since we were 12 LOL  I told him that I working on the scrawny bit and walked away.  Mom even stated at one point "you have lost more. I can tell when you are standing beside me."  Just they wait until Christmas (if we get together.....)

We got home around 4 and decided to make some spaghetti with meatballs.  Well the tiny troll wasn't happy with the meatballs since I felt like my stomach was distended and hard.  So I passed on those and just let the pain pass and ate a yogurt later on in the night.  It was also my turn to pick the movie so I chose Bolt and I didn't realise how much of snuggle bug Miss Melodie is.  Here she is watching the movie with the DH.

Debbie Blaser's photo.
Sunday was pretty quiet and it was Miss Nikki Noodle's 14th birthday.  We gave her a birthday "cookie" and her special supper that she shared with Miss Mel to celebrate.
We also had get together with the DH Day Job coworkers.  there was more than enough food but I stuck to my BLT ways and made it through.  Mind you I didn't feel to good because of the disassociation and I think I over did it.  I had a quick nap before the 2nd job but I felt a little off.  I did try to eat but when I did I felt waaaay to full and I thought if I opened my mouth you can see food at the back of my throat.  So stuck with liquids for the night and I felt okay in the morning.

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