Friday, 5 June 2015

6 month follow up

Well it had been 6 months since surgery and I have been told that the honeymoon stage of surgery is over.  This means that I will be losing weight at a slower rate and I should have all my foods for the Tummy Troll figured out (as if!)

This is where I am confused about various things.  Stuff like: when does my hair stop falling out, when do I start maintenance,  what if I lose too much, can I keep eating protein bars, and what if I don't reach a full cup of food when I eat?

So I was armed with all my questions when I went to TWH for the day.  Yes the day.  I had the psychologist appointment at 10:30 and then my next appointment was at 3:45 with the nurse followed by the nutritionist at 4:30.

I sat with the gal at 10:45 and chatted how I was doing mentally and I mentioned that I am really concerned about my measuring vs. eyeball and thought that by now I should be able to eyeball everything.  She said that she often has patients feel like they failing and she tells them to go back to measuring their food.  So I took that as if I don't stop measuring I won't fail.  Sounded good to me.  I told her that I will mention it to Susanne and that pretty much was the end of the conversation.  I guess she was expecting a load if issues with eating etcetera but I have been able to chat about them with Susanne.  She gave me a business card if I had any questions but I doubt I will.

Then I decided to take up residency in the waiting room.  I got Nikki some water to drink and she nodded off to sleep.  I guess my earphones and a game of solitaire was enough for my brain and Nikki thought I was safe.  Until a patient sat down with us and started asking questions about Nikki and then pulled out her phone to show me picture of her little fu-fu dog.  At that point, now was a good time as any to go find some lunch.

We walked around Bathurst for a bit and headed back to the hospital.  I looked at my phone and thought I still have over an hour to kill so I am going to take a nap in the truck.  (I KNOW I WASN'T EVEN ON HOLIDAYS!)  Well I had a poop bag from our walk and there wasn't a garbage in the near vicinity so I tossed it the bed of the truck.  Well.....I absolutely offended someone since they got the wrong end of the stick.  They took it upon themselves to tell me that I should NOT be throwing my garbage, in particular a poop bag into the back of another person's vehicle and try to walk away.  Well once I got the shock out of my system I informed her that this was my husband's truck and that I will be throwing the bag out when I go to enter the hospital at 3 for my appointment.  He apologised saying that his wife has a truck and has to deal with random garbage being dumped in it.

So Nikki and I crawled into the truck for a nap and I woke up "naturally" at 2:30 and headed into the hospital again.

I stopped at the food court and grabbed a small sub and a milk and I ate that for lunch.  I never noticed how salty the food is and how much bread there was in a roll!  I picked apart the bun, and wiped off a bit of the meat and ate what I could.  I am glad that I had the milk for that little bit of protein that I needed to get into me.

We then went upstairs for just past 3 and it was a good thing since the Nurse was running ahead of schedule and we were in to see her at 3:15.  She took my weight and her scale is sooooo out of whack!  I like the number I get on my scale since there was a 4 pound difference.  She is glad that I am doing so well and have been told that I have lost 67% of my excess weight. *high five & a pat on the back!!!!* So we then chatted about the meds I am on and she looked over my file and noticed that the blood work I got drawn in May hasn't ben received.  I said that I was told at 3 months everything was good except for my cholesterol so we set up a call to talk about my new blood work when it comes in.

I asked the questions I had and I found out the follow:
-My hair will stop falling out at the 8 month mark.  PHEW!
-I need to increase my vitamin D.  I need to be about 1000 mg a day and I am 400 so I will see what the pharmacy has to offer.
-I asked about a "goal weight" I know we are to focus on how we feel rather than a number but I need the goal.  Now that I have reached Onederland I am looking for that new goal.  So she crunched some numbers and said that I should work towards 165. 
-I am still going to lose weight, just not as fast as it has been the past 6 months.  My body will level out to what it thinks is a good weight around 18 months.  After 2 years, I am golden and that is the new me for the rest of my life.  If I hit 140 there is something biologically wrong and Kayrn said that she has only seen 1 case where that has happened the whole time she has been at TWH.
-Also given the green light to work out the core and other body parts that need help!  Bring on the DVD's!!!!!!!

Once I was done with Kayrn I met with Katie right after, so I didn't have to sit down at all!  Sweet I could get out of there faster into downtown traffic sooner! (please note the sarcasm here.....)

So we talked about what I eat in a day and she mentioned the protein bars/drinks that I have for breakfast.  She asked if I was comfortable with eating them and I said that I am not relying on them for my only source of protein and that it is a convenience factor since I am ate my desk or driving in the car when the hour after taking my nexium is up. She agreed with me and said that I am doing "fantastic" and should keep going the way I am .  I asked about not being up to a cup of food and then she asked about the breakdown of what my plate looks like.  I told her a 1/3 of a cup is meat then a 1/3 of a cup is veggies and then I had a teeny bit of starch just to see what it tastes like since I cooked it.  She said that the portions are fine so 2/3 of a cup is fine.  WOHOO!!!!!!!

So I will keep plugging away the way that I am and when I see them on January I am hoping I still are making the great strides they are expecting.

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