Friday, 19 June 2015

Exceeding my expectations.

I have gone from this:

To this (sort of):

Well I did my ritual scale stepping this morning and I have shocked myself.  I am a) over 80 pounds gone and b) I am 1 pound away from this picture!
This picture is of me and the DH in 1999 when I was still working on the horse farms and even back then I thought I was still heavy and looking at my self today I think there is still room for some more for me to lose.
CCC made mention the last time I was there that my purple dress might be my goal for the conference in August, but she said that I might look at it and decide I need something new for the new me.  I mentioned this to Susanne and we talked about it for a bit.  She asked why I was wanting to get back into the purple dress and I told her I felt healthy and happy back then.  I was happy to be around the horses all day, I felt like I could sit on the DH’s knee without breaking his lap, the dress size didn’t start with a 2 so that meant I was out of the “big girls” side of the store and I felt really tall in that dress.  So I think that if I get back into that dress these emotions would come back.  Susanne mentioned that I can wear the dress in August but perhaps have a new dress that will let me have new emotions with the new path I am taking in life.  I guess I will have to see J
Speaking of “regular” stores, I ventured into a Le Chateau here at the day job.  I found that their 2XL is a 16-18 for the standard person.  I was noticing a nice dress that came in that size, but I didn’t have enough courage to take it off the rack to try.  I know that the dress in the picture above is a 16, but that was in 1999 and who knows what it would be in today’s sizing.
I have to make some changes to my clothing since I no longer have hips (dang… child rearing hips here LOL) so I am finding that I am having issues with jeans at Wal-Mart.  I think I might just have to venture into a “regular” store and see what they can offer.
Now that I have made it to my “personal” goal I guess I am moving on to the 90’s and then to the Century club!  I honestly thought that I would not make it to where I am now at this point in time.  I guess I am use to seeing folks on the forums saying that they are a few pounds from their goal and they just can’t get that last little bit off.
If I make it to the Century Club I will be 10 pounds away from the hospital’s target weight will be.  I know that the last 10 pounds won’t be skin surgery since I seem to be “bouncing back” pretty good.  So it will need to be sheer determination that will tone up this body J
On another note, I had the family over for the little Brother and the GF for the little pink one that they are going to have in August.  I was honestly expecting more of a response from my aunt and uncle than I did.  They said absolutely nothing!  I even wore skinny clothes!  Oh well.  I guess I can’t get gushing all the time LOL  I also found out too that the Tiny Tummy really hates cheap burgers.  A while I go I bought some when mom was down for her b-day/Mother’s Day and thiey didn’t sit nicely.  It sat as a lump in the Tiny Tummy and I just thought it was because I had it dry.  Or did I have relish?  Anyway, I had a patty with some Dijon mustard on it when the family was over and I had the “foamies” followed up by upward dumping.  I was totally shocked since it has been months since I have had any of these!  Lesson learned for sure!
The DH is cute sometimes and I don’t think he realises it until it comes out of his mouth.  This week I had a neck issue and he was giving me a shoulder rub and mentioned that I am losing weight because he can feel my shoulder blades.  Geez, I thought that was months ago!  The other recent comment was I changing for bed and he says “you have lost more weight, your boobs stick out further than you tummy now.”  Thanks hunny. J
I also have been contemplating a charity “fun run” in September.  It is only 2 km’s long and there is a medal at the end of it and with the June challenge I have been on for FB I think it might be a good goal.  I am still waffling on the idea since I have to let the bosses know by the 25th of June if I am up for it.  I just hope that I don’t look like this when I run
Image result for goofy runner

Also to the Lurkers that I have who have mentioned that I am becoming an inspiration to them for going through the surgery and the positive outlook I now I have on things.  HELLO!!!!!! J I am here for ya if you need me!
We are off to New Jersey for the weekend so I am sure I will have some more to post when I get back!

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