Friday, 31 July 2015

Camping and getting off the beaten track.

Well the weekend in MI for the R13 camping went pretty good.  

We left the house around 4:30 since the DH was able to cut his call shorter than expected.  We originally thought it was going to be closer to 6, but I was glad it was earlier.  I really didn't want to be setting up the trailer in the dark in MI.  I think that we have it to under an hour setting up if we don't have any hiccups.

The trip down was a little more comfortable on my butt in the truck than the Mazda.  I was able to shift from side to side and sit cross legged like a lady as well as cross legged like a kid sitting on the floor. So all in all I think I did pretty well for the 3+ hour trip. 

We made it across the border after hitting the Duty Free store for some alcohol for the weekend and headed to the KOA. And this is where we started to unravel.  We got to the site and the DH backed in the trailer and started to unhook it from the truck.  I guess he got distracted and didn't realise that he had left a safety chain on and pulled the truck forward and caused the tongue to come off the block of wood.  No damage to anything, but more of a pain to getting all back to the way it was. 

From there I hooked up the water and the electricity.  I forgot that the DH had opened all the taps when we put the trailer way last time ad I turned on the main valve.  Normally the isn't an issue, but when the hand towel falls off the hook in transport and lands in the sink creating a clog, water tends to flood the bathroom.  The only towels available were the bath towels and they got used to mop the floor.  So these needed to be washed before our shower or we were going to end up air drying.  Bless the DH since he was the one that ventured to the laundry mat to do wash them to find out that there was no laundry soap in the laundry mat, the store was closed and there were no dryers.  So the DH came back with damp towels washed in hand soap that air dried in the trailer overnight. 

The whole “family” slept pretty well since we really didn’t see much of the morning since we slept until almost 10.  I peeked my head out the window to see that there were a few bodies moving around so I decided that I should venture out to see them after a shower.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts from the Sally Ann and they were Denver Hayes brand but they were saying 16.  I will give as much credit to a size 16 as much as possible but since they were bought a charity shop, they had been well washed.  So I packed them up to take with me to MI and  they are at the point now that they fit “nicely” after a wash so by the end of the day they are well warn in.  I was wearing these shorts on Saturday and I got up from the picnic table and was told by NonScifan that I didn’t need to reminder how skinny I was becoming by pulling up my shorts over my skinny butt in front of her.  I honestly never thought of it that way……but I did realise that my “rental shorts” were needing to be returned back to the charity shop.   

I have been doing that lately…..taking a bag of clothes and coming out with some more to take home for a short stint.  I guess I will have to see what I find this week, since most of my shorts are getting to baggy to wear, including the ones I bought at the mall from the day job.  The ladies there keep telling me that I am getting lost in all the loose material. 

Nash made a comment to me that rolls around in my head as my weight declines.  “What if you get down to single digits?”  I guess I never really thought about it until I see some baggy pants on my butt LOL I am thinking that I am a loose 14 now, working on a 12.  But if I lose the last 20 I but be on the cusp of a single digit.  Do I want to make that a goal?  Will I still be healthy?  I know I talked to Susanne that I wanted to be out of the clothes that started with a 2 and I have done that for sure.  Perhaps I was underestimating the surgery? 

As I make an aside……… 

I was actually getting up from the table to head into town with the DH to get a few supplies for the Picnic that we were having.  There were hot dogs and hamburgers on the campfire and I would like to thank WineSteward for bringing some bratwurst for us to enjoy.  I know that the Tiny Tummy would be against the burger and the hot dog so I was going to have a protein bar if necessary.  

So I stood back and let everyone take what they wanted and I was just doing my observing thing that I do.  I noticed that those made the littlest effort towards the picnic or was “supervising” the cooking over the fire were the first ones to help themselves to lunch.  I don’t know if it is something I would have done in the past, but I noticed it this time. 

I was able to get a nice picture of most of us and I want to thank the DH and Tooleman for cooking. 


It went well into the night and I am glad that my phone had a timer on it since most of us were grazing all afternoon and I remember DaTopp making a comment that how can I be eating again when she is so stuffed.  That is when I realised that that this surgery is working.  I was able to eat what I wanted earlier and stayed within my portions and was able to push my plate away.  Come 3 hours later I enjoyed a protein pudding and regrettable some apple pie filling.  Boy did that ever hurt!  So needless to say when the timer went off later on around the fire, I passed on eating again since I felt like I was still digesting the pie.

Come Sunday morning the pie had work through the pipes and felt right as rain for the ride home.  I had a “glammed” up protein shake that I had added some no sugar added syrup to since I thought I am better off with the shakes over the bars.  I have been reviewing my “rules” and I am over achieving on the carbohydrates.  Most of them are coming from the bars I got stateside.  I will need to review the Canadian bars just to see if I can work them back in.  The US ones were a nice change but not at the cost of abusing my tiny tummy. 

I am not sure what to think about this next topic, but I have been referring to my Tummy Troll as if it has a mind of its own.  I realised this when I was in bed last night.  I ate some Smartfood popcorn earlier in the evening and the tummy felt like it was quivering.  I felt like I had abused it and this was the way it was telling me that it was done.  Susanne and I have talked about “self-chat” and what comes of the conversation.  This morning was I got out of the shower and looked at my tummy and said “what kind of day are we going to have today?”  I often talk back to the noises that my tummy makes “okay, you have had enough to eat” or “I hear you, you didn’t like X” like some of us do to our pets like they understand us.   

So have I humanised my tummy by talking to it? Have I gone mad because I do talk to it?  I guess I am at the 2 month mark to see Susanne again.

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