Friday, 6 November 2015

A new additiion to the family.....

No the DH and I didn't get another dog......

My brother and the GF had a little baby girl!  Sweetest little thing and my Mom is over the moon and back.

Mom left the job site at 7:30 from the North and drove to TO to see the wee one.

The DH and I had plans to go down together hat night since the DH missed the birthing of his twin niece & nephew.  The issues was it was a Wednesday, and I had a shift at the second job and no one was going to cove it so the DH stepped up and worked it so I could go down. 

I headed down during a ballgame was in town and I swear it was a sea of blue that walked out in front of the truck.  I was getting aggravated and was just going to start taking them out at 10 points each LOL

I found parking for the dodge and found my brother and headed up.  I met up with the GF mom and we chatted for a bit since the nurses were busy with the GF.

I was able to hold the WeeOne for a bit and took some pics for the DH and wanted to know if she had the "new puppy" smell.  She didn't but she loves to give butterfly kisses that I explained to the GF learned about. The nurse was glad that someone knew about them because she explains them to new parents and no one seems to know what they are.  If it was for LauraD and the BranMan I wouldn't have know either.

I finally left around 10 and I think the GF mom was going to take the WeeOne home with her but my brother said that she couldn't per her in her purse LOL

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