Friday 6 November 2015

It has been years

and not much has changed but it has.....

I went back to the fold of the Church.  I have been having 2 ladies over that we call "Sisters" because we have a Heavenly Father and we are all his children.  So the ladies are Sister "last name" and the men are Brother "last name". 

I remember going when the DH and were first married and ran into a Brownie (young Girl Scout for my US friends) and I used to be called "Sunshine" as my leader name.  One Sunday I was at Church and in the hallway I heard "Sister Sunshine?"  I never thought I would hear those to words together LOL

So SisterD and her companion have been coming over and I have been feeling fairly comfortable with them.  SisterD suggested that I come to the monthly "Relief Society Socials" (all the church ladies get together and do stuff for fun) and I didn't think about going before in the past because they were on Wednesdays and I have a shift at the second job on Wednesday.  This is when she told me the were changed to Thursdays, and I felt a little excited about it.

So off Nikki and I went.  The theme of this month's RS social was preserving and canning and they were working with peaches......YUM!

So I walked into the Chapel (our word for the building where services are held on Sunday) with a bit of hesitation.  I knew that SisterD was going to be there so I would at least know one person.

The building felt like it did when I went all those years ago, but there were new faces to see and none of the older ones I remembered.

Nikki was very good (when isn't she....) and she actually made it to the RS Facebook page too LOL

Will I go back, not on a Sunday since they start at 10 am, but I will be more than happy to go to the socials.

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