Friday, 6 November 2015

Really sad day........(Sep 8)

I had a sick day today and I was sitting upstairs watching something on the PVR and Nikki came into the room to see me and her back end wobbled.  Kind of like when a foal is born and is a little unsteady on their legs.

She had been doing this in the past, but it was very infrequently and we just figured it was old age but she was more than happy to step along on a walk.  Well when we were at the IC, I noticed that she was good for an hour and she needed to rest or she "wobbled."  She has always been my walking partner and when we went on the 5K walk when we were camping I noticed when she got tired she wobbled.  So she know compensates by "trotting" when se walks to keep from wobbling but she tires out faster.

So when she wobbled simply by turning around it broke my heart.  Her body was finally letting her down after 14 years.  Time for her to retire from being a service dog and time to enjoy the life of leisure.  I discussed it the DH and we needed to figure out who would look after her during the day.  We had 2 options, Maine's daughter (Americana) or GrandmaS.  I figured that GrandmaS wouldn't mind but she does work for weeks at time at her old place so Americana seems like a good choice.  She loves the Girls, she is old enough to come out on a bus and she needs the work experience and the cash.  So we were texting with Maine to see if her and the PizzaGuy were cool with it before offering her the job.

The other said part of the day was this is to be the last time we would see NavyWife and the mister.  He finished his one job and now going to the other side of Canada for another year for his job.  I miss them and their little dog too :D  I have to admit that I held it together pretty well and there is always social media to keep in contact with them.  Who knows they just might end up being a destination for a trip.

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