Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ups and Downs

What a weekend!  Sorry for the long post but there was a lot going on!

I had a blast with C and her hubby at Nicholston Dam for the Simcoe Day weekend....I really enjoyed cooking some new recipes for her to expand her Poon experiences and I was able to include her vegetarian hubby in my cooking as well.  I would like to thank the fellow Poon'ers that have posted their tried and true faves that I made.  They included the taco salad, lettuce wraps,  curry cauliflower and the white egg omelets in Eggies.  Once I figure out how to add more than one file to my recipe I will make sure I pop them in there for you reference.

I was especially proud of myself when I got myself out for a run over the weekend around the tent sites of the campground!  I was looking for a place to that was a little secluded since I think I have figured out my running form so I didn't want to give some a morning running freak show ha ha.  But I found an area that had a looped driveway so I used that to my advantage and my used songs on my radio as my timer.  I don't think Melodie knew what hit her!

It wasn't until 4:30 am on Monday the weekend had a twist.  I headed to the bathroom in the RV and I remember flushing the toilet and then I hear C asking me if I was okay.....I was in the hallway flat on my back looking really pale, no colour in my lips and I was clammy but sweating up a storm.  To make matters worse, I smacked my head on the counter on the way down while I tested gravity in the RV.  Geez, that stuff is everywhere!!!!!  C helped me back to bed and that I is where I stayed for the night.  I bump on the back on melon caused me to stay home from work on Tuesday.

After all is said and done, I found out that I have low blood pressure when I sleep and I am severely dehydrated as well.  The counter gave me a concussion and I am not allowed to run for 2 weeks so I think that I am going to just reset my schedule and start again later in the month when I get the go ahead from the doctor.  And I am hoping that my weigh in tomorrow won't be undo with my day at home of sleeping and bored eating......

This is how I fell right now......

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