Saturday 23 March 2013

Missing Puzzle Piece

I remember doing a puzzle with C&F camping last season and it was nothing but cats of course LOL....But I remember working on it and there was an area in the bottom left corner that was black and needed that one last piece that connected the large cat in the centre of the puzzle.  I remember the happiness both of us felt when we found that piece and put it in.

Thinking about it I think that my Dr. Poon and other aspects of my life are missing that last little black puzzle piece.  Believe that there are 3 aspects of a human and they are mind, body and spirit/soul and when one isn't there, the body fails.  I know that my body is failing and so is my spirit since my mind isn't it.  My body can be put through the motions of Poon (body) and I am happy with the results (spirit) but I why don't I care about the whole darn lot?

So next week is that start or restructuring my puzzle so the last piece of my puzzle will be on Tuesday with Coco so hopefully it will all go complete my tri-bond of life.  So since all weeks start on a Sunday I have decided that today is going to be a "let down my hair" day since I have had a stressful week with DoxyLover being holidays with some help from Ohio but then there was help from Norman and well let say she just added to the stress.  The DH and I are off to dinner and movie with passes we got a Christmas tonight so hopefully that will help the spirit.

So less than 24 hrs from now I will focusing on the carb detox of phase 1 and getting on the treadmill.  So be forewarned there might posts of wanting foods and aches from the treadmill :D

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