Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wow only 16 minutes.....

Well today was a NSV (non scale victory) for me today......

I stepped back on the treadmill after some serious persistence of the DH and decided that a good half hour would be great for me to start the week off.  I have a routine of changing, pulling up the hair, get my shoes on, turn on the DM video and then the treadmill.  Sounds like a plan right? But one important detail I stretch.  Now Ohio has warned me about this when we are chatting at work but I seemed to have left this detail out this afternoon.  

Well I was chugging along at a brisk walk of 4.0 mph WOHOO (the NSV) since I could do 3.8 in then past a 4% incline!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that is when it hit.  16 minutes into my brisk walk I had to stop because of shin splints.  I guess these are better than the cramped toes that Miss Poonpalooza gets when she runs.  She has been running for a year and this is what I get to look forward to?  I better stop now :D

For those of you that don't know, a shin splint is like a really bad muscle cramp in the front of your shin and I have posted a picture of where they hit on me.

So I guess I will need to remember to stretch before and after getting on the treadmill, but for the here and now I will limp a bit for the rest of the day with some ice on it.

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