Sunday, 24 March 2013


I have Ms. Florida's words echoing in my head this morning......"garbage in, gets you garbage out."

Yesterdays menu was a 6" sub with milk for lunch, supper was nachos and cheesecake for dessert and kids sized drink with a kids sized popcorn at the movies.  (BTW Life of Pi was good but take tissues) I would have eaten this as a regular day before Poon and I am finding that still was conscious about the carbs.  I picked at the bun for the sub an didn't eat all the nacho chips or eat all of the tortilla around my cheesecake.  I felt absolutely okay leaving it behind! 

After my day of "letting go" I am paying for it today.  I was up and down during the night in the bathroom, finally took some of the DH Imodium this morning and my head is killing me.  Not sure if it is because of the lack of sleep or the salt intake from yesterday.

Off to take some Aleve and back to bed for this one!  If I feel better after the nap I will definitely get on the treadmill!

EDIT: I did make it to the treadmill but for 18 minutes....better than nothing I guess........

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