Monday 9 September 2013

A series of new stuff......

This is post about stuff I haven't done in a while and even stuff I have never done before.

Yesterday I went back to church.  I was able to see my step mom and one of my step sisters and it always amazes that through social media we can still stay connected even though we physically haven't see in each other in years.  Both of these are something that I haven't done since Nikki and I were paired up as a service team so that should give you some idea of how long it has been!  I had prayed in the past trying to see which direction my life should be going and my thoughts about going back to church just seemed to be one more thing in my plate I didn't know if I could deal with it.  As I said, I prayed and next thing I know I had the missionaries knocking on my door.  So I decided to consider this a sign and followed up on it.  Well yesterday was a Stake Conference and this is when the chapels in the area get together and listen to an authority of the Church.  My heart was racing when I went in since it wasn't my usual chapel so I felt a little panicked when I walked in.  I did get there early enough to get myself and Nikki settled before it all began.  Nikki had a bit of doggy tummy so near the end she had to let her out.  Once the session was over, I had received numerous compliments on Nikki ranging from things like "I didn't know there was a dog there" to "she is so behaved that she could teach the Sunday School kids a thing or too" LOL  I was able to talk to my Bishop while I was there and he is looking forward to seeing me next week.  So far it is still a go.

Once I go back from Church the DH and I went for a loooong walk.  I "google'd" it and it is just shy of 4 km the route we took.  We stopped for lunch and this is the other "haven't done in a while" is got some chicken nuggets at McD's for lunch.  Mind you I had a side salad, but I am definitely paying for it today.  I hear Florida from group rolling around in my head again "garbage in, garbage out" and boy is my tummy sore!

And now for some thing new!!!!!!!  Ohio has talked me into the CIBC Run for the Cure on Oct 6th...... what is a 5 k run right?  That is the loop the DH and I walked and then some!!!!  So I guess I better get on the treadmill since I will need to get running at least some of it.  To quote Momma Tool "I don't care if the lights are turned off and everyone has gone home, I am going to finish the run!"
More details of the run are at

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