Monday 16 September 2013

Balloons in the office!!!!!

HAPPY NATIONAL PAYROLL WEEK!!!!!!!  (For those of you in Canada)
Group on Saturday was great! Met some new Poon’ers and spread what knowledge I had and they seemed to enjoy themselves and the tasty treats I took along too.  As you can see I variety of stuff that I took that included chive & cheddar carbquick biscuits with the phase 2 tomato sauce; carbthin pancakes with walden farms syrup and the old standby of smaps.

I have started a “Poon Pacers of G’Town” walking group and I am hoping that they will want to start to run so I am going to do a 1:1 interval tonight to show them that it isn’t that hard.  I say that now LOL

Momma Tool ran her 5K over the weekend and she did it in less than 40 minutes so I guess there is hope for me!  I am proud of her and I am hoping that the next time we get together (December) that we can go for a jog together.

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