Tuesday, 24 September 2013

There's an App for that..........

I beat the DH home on Thursday so I thought what the heck I will get on the treadmill and get my interval running going and watch Corrie at the same time. He came home and asked I was going to join him and the dogs for a walk later. I thought sure since they are more like a stroll. 

Well who ever told my DH about the app called RunKeeper might want to hide.......this application "announces" the time, speed and distance I wonder if we are going for new land speeds! 

So we walked 3+ kms in less than 45 minutes and boy were my legs killing me at the office on Friday! I had some shin splints on the treadmill but worked through them, then my toes were some sore on the walk but I persevered through it all. 

I am glad for the company that we had on Saturday or we would have been off again! I didn't get much sleep on Saturday night since I woke up a few times with leg cramp (charlie horses) that I needed to walk off. 

So I decided that I would skip the treadmill on Sunday and let my body rest. Well the DH suggested another walk and I thought rather than do a loop, let's have a goal for our walk. Well my fave place to get my kale chips should be far enough for a walk let's head that way. We started off just after lunch and went on our way. We got to the store and found that it "seasonal" on Sundays so it was closed :( So we crossed the street and had some lunch and started on the trek back home. We stopped off at the grocer's on the last bit of the trip and I loaded up the back pack with stuff for some extra weight to add some more excercise to it all.

The app said that we did all 5+ kms in over an hour which was good since we were gone for over 2....love the pause button LOL
That takes us to last night…….I got home with a bit of a grump on and the DH told me that we had a friend called Nash stopping by to join us on the walk tonight. Oh what the heck I’ll go again.

Her long stride had us doing over 3.5 kms in just over 45 mins.....and she really enjoyed herself.  Mel tried to keep up since we firgured that she is the kind of dog who tries to keep pace with whomever she is with.

I am kind of glad for the break tonight with the second job so I can rest my knees LOL

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