Thursday, 24 October 2013

To quote Exposé......

"Seasons change, people change" and "feelings change"

Thanksgiving here in Canada is a sure sign that the seasons are changing!  This was our 5th year of camping for the DH, the dogs and I and the 3rd year with C&F in Alliston at the Nicholston Dam.  it is a GORGEOUS place and we paid a bit more for a waterside site.

This is the view we had from the site.

And year after year I get more creative with cooking over the fire.  First year was just the turkey breast on the campfire and this year was the turkey, potatoes, green beans, cauliflower and F's chicken strips.  When everything was said and done we had a quite the feast!

The work in progress
The finished yummy-ness

Things were definitely changing for my friends around me too.  Maine was able to have a 2nd interview so I am sending her good vibes and we even went out for lunch before hand.  Since I had been on a few 2nd interviews I was able to give her a few tips on what they might expect.  It hasn't been long enough yet for her to find out if she got the job or not.
Now on the flip side of the coin from getting jobs to losing jobs.  I came on Thursday to find out that Miss A, DoxyLover along with one of Las Chi Chis were walked out before 8 am.  I was absolutely shocked since all of us were all sitting in a webinar the day before. All 3 of them are doing well and I am sure that they will find something soon since they are smart and know their stuff.  So I went armed with Chinese food for supper and had a good chat with DoxyLover and Mr DoxyLover and the DH for a few good hours.  We all lightened the mood by watching the latest Big Bang Theory before the DH and I headed home.
I guess things come in 3's.....The 3rd change would be the fact I was asked to leave the Poon program.  I have been off and on the wagon for 2 years and was told that others that have been in the program have lost all their weight by now and are on maintenance.  Myself?  I have lost 25 and gained back 30.  So I had a great first 6 months and then slowly gained it back.  I prayed last night about the day and I had a dream about all my friends that had gastric bypass or Lapband held a support group since I just had "one" of them done.  Maybe I am reading too much into it? Or maybe this might be the direction I need to go?  Who knows but I know that Dr. Sarah isn't going to be happy when I go my physical next month.

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