Wednesday 9 October 2013

Love, life and the cancer way

What a week (I am sure more than that) it has been!

The DH and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary together and believe it or not you are supposed to give silver holloware......I had no clue what that was until I went googlin' and found out it is silver that would hold something.  Well he doesn't drink that much so a goblet or flask is out of question, they suggested bowl or vase, nope on that one too.  So I finally found something that resembles silver and they technically hold something.  A stainless steel BBQ set and I had the case engraved.  Not too shabby if I say so myself :)

We had a nice dinner and a chat at a new resturant that was my choice and I really enjoyed myself.

Things with Susanne are really going well.  I feel like I am making good progress with her and we have been able to understand some of my food eating habits.  We found that I need to make things fun in order for me to enjoy it.  So we think that is why I enjoy making food for others since I like to see the smile on their faces as they enjoy what I create.  So I am starting to make Poon "fun" for myself by trying new recipies and chaning it up a little bit.  So far I have been able to find a good alternative for my brekkie and snacks for work and now I just need to be home long enough to make suppers LOL. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving since I will be spending time with the DH and C&F who I haven't really seen since this time last year. We are hitting our regular haunt for camping and I am looking forward to a 3 day detox. I have been off and on the wagon for a while so I am thinking that this and my sessions are going to set me up for success.

Some of the ladies here ventured out and walked the CIBC Run for the Cure that was 5 kms in length in Burlington.  We called ourselves "Las Chi Chis" with is Spanish for "The Boobies" and I made up some shirts for us to wear.  I do admit that I had the best of intentions of running it with Ohio and mi Amiga but there was one excuse or another and all 5 of us walked it.  We didn't set any land records for walking it but there was just shy of 4,000 particpants and a fair amount was raised.  The bunch of us decided that we would do it again next October and we will be all decked out to enjoy the day.

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