Monday, 17 November 2014

My DH is smart......

Or as DoxyLover says "trams"

I got home and I mixed the Opti to the consistancy of mashed potatoes and tried to shovel all in with 5 tablespoons of ickky-ness. My gag reflex was not having any of it. But I pushed on and got it all in.

So he suggested that rather than making it worse why shouldn't I dilute it? So I told him that I would try it for breakfast and see how it goes. Well it as worked! I have use 1L of water to half a package of Opti and I have been sipping on it all morning. I haven't even touched the other stuff I brought for lunch.

I was told to drink it all when it is made and not to let it sit. So far no one has given a real reason why not, so I am just going to keep sipping away. This way I am keeping up on my water and the hopes of keeping off the Opti-Stops that might occcur.

Well I better get back to sipping and take Miss Mel to the pet store that is downstairs.

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