Thursday 20 November 2014


Well today is day 4 of opti and I graduated to one packet per one litre of water. They have mentioned on OH board that there is some weight loss while on opti so I thought I would get on the scale at home. Well according to my math, I am down 5 pounds already. I doubt that they will kick me out of the program now :)

Well I have to admit that it is hard to miss something that you have thoroughly enjoyed in the past.I had a relaxing day with Nash on Tuesday that resulted in movie watching downstairs. I did miss the popcorn and chocolate milk but I just worked on an opti for the movie. Not quite the same at all! But I did endure the movie and decided that a nap was a great thing to do after the movie so that I could sleep off the craving.

Last night Nash order some pizza and she got a standard pepperoni and she has been adding barbeque sauce to it. Something one of the youngin’s got her hooked on. Now granted I am not a fan of the pepperoni at the second job but it was all I could do from grabbing a slice last night. Now I will admit that I was curious on what it tasted like. I have discussed this with Susanne in regards to my eating and she said just to take a bite and walk away. Well I did one better last night. I picked off a single pepperoni and swiped it through the barbeque sauce lid. It tasted like barbequed hot dogs.

Also working my shift last night was also trying. I went into the system to check something and accidentally produced the last order I had in the system under my name. Cheese sticks with taco seasoning. The kitchen automatically made it and when the order was 71 minutes old I inquired about it to find out it was my mistake. Normally I would have bought those up in a heartbeat but I wild the rest of the staff to fight amongst themselves to see who was going to buy them. They ended up going to Smick and she enjoyed them. I was able to get my deliveries done and the usual quiet time at 9 loomed over my head. But I stuck it out and played more than normal games on my phone. Once I got home I grabbed a drink and headed to bed.

Lucky enough the DH wants to stay in tonight and relax.

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