Wednesday, 5 November 2014

T Minus 10 days....

Until I start Opti.

The more my friends hear about the more they want to get together.  Regrettably I had a "farwell to food" tour. It wasn't intentional but I do feel the love lol.

There are some Christmas parties coming up that I will need to prepare for so I am hoping people enjoy my company more that what I  eating.  I see a lot of French onion soup in my future.

I feel that I am getting all my ducks in a row for surgery. As odd as it sounds I am getting excited to start opti since it the second to last step before surgery. the DH has been helping me plan for the surgery since he good a logistics. We decided to have Grandma S come over to take care of Nikki on the Monday since she will be a basket case while I am in surgery and she will be trying to find me in the waiting room.

I did start a PT job and I was stressing out since the offered me the job and they didn't know about my surgery. So I placed all the cards on the table and thought for.sure.they would retract my letter of offer but they were quite content the cover me while I am off.

The DH and I hit Wonderland one last time for Halloween Haunt (go on the rides late at night and spooky mazes etc) and was really concerned at one point. With the weather being cold I wore my down filled winser coat and mittens so my overall size was a little fuller than normal. Well we went on the Fly and we have to wear a seatbelt plus a lap bar. The seats are snug at the best of times so I sit in  the front and the DH sits in the back.  I wrestled with the belt and panic set in since I couldn't do it up. The guy came over and looked at me wrestling with it and said "you might not be able to do it up since this is a kids ride."  That made more determined to get it I lifted up my jacket and buckled it up. I am sure that I am reading more into it but I was really feeling that I was becoming too fat.

I did get a text from Mrs.Henry asking about "plus sized" rides so I gave her a list of ones that I could/couldn't do and she took the list to heart. I understand that she had issues and I am sure we will have a lot to discuss when we get together next.

Other than that I am getting nervous about Miss Mel passing the Royal on Sunday so please keep your fingers crossed that she does well.

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