Monday, 19 January 2015

Christmas Day

Well we woke up around 10 which was fine with me.  I think I was happier to see Nash and the DH opening their presents than I was to receive any.  Our family stockings are a combination of both our families.  My step mom used to fill British Santa sacs that had things in it that you would use every day like razors, tooth paste, laundry soap and the like.  Well the DH's family would fill theirs with food so we blended both traditions into one.  This year I got useful things and no food.  I really couldn’t tell the DH what to put in my stocking for food since I honestly didn’t know myself.  Next year will be better for stocking stuffers.
After we opened our stockings and presents the DH made a big breakfast for him and Nash.  There was bacon, eggs, toast and juice.  I tried a soft boiled egg but I just can’t get past soft yolks without toast. I could if I had toast to dunk into it but not when I am still on the soft stage.
I asked for a digital scale since the one we had in the bathroom was a spring scale and was a little wonky to weight yourself on. I could lean one way and gain some weight but then I could lean a different direction and lose over 10 pounds. I tried to place my feet in the same spot when I got on but I was never sure.
We finished up around noon and then we started the usual Christmas Day marathon of the DVD’s that we get for Christmas. This year we had quite the selection to choose from and it was a great afternoon!

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After a good afternoon of movies and relaxing we were feeling a little hungry.  We made a few calls and decided that Chinese was the way to go.  The DH ventured out to do a pick up and he brought me back some wonton soup that sat rather well.  Mind you I only ate 2 of them with the broth but I still ate Chinese on Christmas Day :)

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