Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas Eve

Well I ended up really enjoying myself and the fondue party we had Christmas Eve.  We had a quite the selection of people there and moved the party downstairs since there was over a dozen that came.
I was glad that Maine & PizzaGuy came early since I used the extra hands.  The DH was working the second job and Nash was nice enough to take my shift so that I could get everything ready.  Once Ford and Ms. Mattel showed up Ms. Mattel was helping out too. 

DoxyLover and her hubby arrived so that gave Montgomery a chance to chat with them before we sat down for dinner.

Around 7 pm the DH and Nash were back from the second job and I was glad to meet Momma Nash since she followed in behind Nash at the back door.
We had 3 fondues for everyone to enjoy.  We had an oil one for the beef strips, shrimp and Italian meatballs; a cheese one that had bread, blanched broccoli, and celery. For dessert we had a chocolate fondue with marshmallows, Nilla cookies and bananas.
I didn’t feel left out having my pureed dinner since Mr. DoxyLover had throat surgery and he needed soft foods too.  So between the 2 of us we ate the leftovers from the Hadfield Christmas dinner and I was still around for the chatter and banter.
I did learn a lesson…….liquid fondue fuel burns faster than the gel.  I tried to be safe and fill the burners and dropped on the carpet downstairs.  Yes this is the first “slop” on the beige carpet in the basement.  I was going to clean it up immediately but I was concerned about a chemical reaction so I just placed a paper towel over it and let it dry.
Once everyone enjoyed all the food and drinks I think Maine’s family was the last one to leave at 11:30 and there was much talk about next year’s and how some were looking forward to coming back.  Ms. Mattel was so excited since this was her first fondue ever and said that she will be more than happy to come back for another one if we have it.

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