Tuesday 14 July 2015

And there's the floor........

Well here is the post you all have been waiting for.....the head meets the floor update :)

Some of my long time lurkers might remember this post from August but if not take a look......I will wait.....

Well it happened again.

I went to bed with a headache and thought it was from spending the day with the DH out front working on the yard and the late hour we went to bed.

I let little Miss Nikki out into the back yard at 4 am and my vision looked like a kaleidoscope (but different from an ocular migraine) and I out my head on the counter and continued talking to myself to keep myself "together."  Well that didn't work out too well since the next thing I know I was on the floor.

I remember felling Melodie licking my hand and my chin and then realising that I was sweating buckets.  That is when I noticed that the stone on the kitchen floor was nice and cool and I could have stayed there a bit longer LOL

The DH came racing out of the bedroom and was holding my head and neck asking if I was okay and what he should do.  The first thing I thought of was leave me here to cool down.  Then I said "let Nikki back in."

So he let her back in and he helped me get back to bed and that is where I stayed until 10 on Sunday morning.  I would up with a sore shoulder and a bump on my head I figured that this is where my body met the floor.  I was still a little "swimmy" as I call it and that is when the world takes a bit longer to catch up with my eyes and head.  I figured that since I had issues at the grocer's with Mom that I needed to go to the ER.

I was expecting a long wait since the waiting room was full, but after my triage I was admitted right away.  They were so quick getting me in, the DH didn't even have a chance to pull out his tablet!  We went to the examination room and was seen right away again too.  We were told that I needed and EKG and a cat scan and of course this caused the brain jokes to flow from the DH.  He also took a pic of me trying to fill some time waiting while reading a movie magazine from the night before. when I saw Magic Mike with Maine, DentisT and CorrieFan.  I knew that I have some weight loss but this picture makes me look dreadfully tired!

So the results of the tests all came back normal and there was a little slip up from the doctor that suggested that I should get a helmet to wear........and the brain jokes continued with the DH.  Now the DH is on the hunt for a helmet for me to wear and he has found this one:

Dave Blaser's photo.
With cameras and all!  He mentions " I was thinking along the lines of a Skully helmet with the camera in the back so that she can see what's behind her and be more careful.... or just watch the floor as she proceeds to fall down and hit it."
I told him that I wanted this one if I had to wear one:
But I got a big fat "no."
So while we are at the ER we were advised that I see Dr. Sarah and I was able to get into see her that week in the afternoon.
The first thing she mentioned was that I looked great and she referred another patient who got as far as the orientation class and ended up not continuing.  To each their own I guess.
She did a sit/stand blood pressure test and found that my blood pressure does decrease when I stand up and that I needed to be carful.  She also thought that I could have a balance/inner ear issue since I failed the mock "drunk test" in her office.  I couldn't complete the heel/toe walk in a straight line.  So she has referred me to a physiotherapist that deals with inner ear and balance stuff and I see them on Wednesday.
I asked her about my blood pressure and she said that I can get a high pressure job and to increase my salt intake.  Other than that we will have to see how it goes at physio.  The DH said that he could piss me off more if that will help LOL  Lord love him!

So I am sure I will post again tomorrow after I see the brain shaker :)

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