Friday, 11 September 2015

August 15th

Was a blast at the farm!

The DH and I took Nash and her friend Little Sara to the barn and had a great ride.  The sun was shining but it made for a really warm ride.  I don't think Nash minded at all and who did they put me on for a horse?  Kelly!  Really.....the Cadillac of the horses!  This gal was built for comfort and not for speed.

And before you ask.....yes my feet are out of the stirrups, my butt fit in the saddle and no I am not wearing a helmet (after much discussion from the DH.)
I did find however that I have no padding left in the my riding butt :(  I had 3 points on my bottom that were bony where I was making contact with the saddle.  But I did have loads of fun!

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