Friday, 18 September 2015

August 19th

This was a busy day for a day off.......

The DH loaded up the Dodge to head to the conference centre and hotel for the IC and I stayed behind to work my shift at the second job before heading out on Thursday.

It is a good thing I did since I was getting texts from the DH if things that he had forgotten to bring with him to the hotel.  So I started a pile at the front door and decided to just keep adding to it until I packed up the car.

Grandma S stopped overnight to watch the Noodle so I could work the second shift.  She was able to stick around into Thursday so that I could run into the store quickly without a dog.  So once I had the car fully packed with the girls and all the stuff I headed off to Niagara Falls around lunchtime.

I received a call from the DH saying that he was should WaytoKill'em around the Falls and that I would have to drive on Clifton Hill to meet them to get the room key. O_o  This is the busiest street in Niagara Falls Ontario because of the tourist stuff to do.  I am glad that the DH was waiting for me outside to the attraction since there was no way I could have found parking.

I crossed the border into NY and that is when I fell apart.... believe it or not, there is a Sheraton AT the Falls and a Sheraton ON the Falls?  Well I had the wrong on in the GPS and I was trying to figure out why it kept taking me back across the border.  So I pulled over and called the DH crying and he gave me the address I needed and I was just over a minute away from the hotel.  PHEW!

I got to the hotel and started to unload the car and when I got up to the room with the girls the hotel had a surprise for them!

This was nice of them!  I should have told them that I had the 2 dogs, since I can see some looks coming from Nikki claiming this bed.  So on the last trip to the car I brought up the bed that is in the car for Melodie and she is such a sweet girl she just slept on the old dog bed and was happy.

I began unpacking the luggage for the stay and the DH and WaytoKill'em came to the room with Garcia and Jong and we had a good chin wag to catch up on news.

At this point I realised that I hadn't eaten since I ate the power bar in the car and the troll was getting achy. So we decided to herd down to a TGIFridays and met up with AwardsQueen and R6RC.  And of course I was at a restaurant with Garcia so we had to get Mozza Stixs again lol.  He got a fair bit  more than just these but who I am I to turn down a decent mozza stick!

I also discovered that when you are in a hotel restaurant that is holding the IC, you can never just have a meal and leave.  As we were enjoying dinner we were joined by JD and BFFlorida.  They are a great set of friends who went me to the stock yards in Dallas.  They were the ones that invited me along so I thought I would return the favour and show them my neck of the woods on a walking tour tomorrow of the Falls.  So as I was getting tired from the noises of the restaurant I had the best of intentions to get up and go, but then we were joined by KU and her hubby MU.  At this point I was too tired from the day and needed to leave and it isn't like I wasn't see them during the IC.  So if you plan to go, go.  There will always be someone showing up and you will never got out!

So I took a very tired Nikki back to the room and she decided to flop for the night and this is where she spent the rest of the night:

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