Friday 18 September 2015

August 16th

Was a day away to see the Jays!

It was bobblehead day.  Yes a bobblehead.  They were having the alumni from 1985 make an appearance since it was the anniversary we won the division series.

So I went as C's second person so that she could get 2 of the bobbleheads.  She likes to have 2 so that she can keep one to display/play with and the other stays in the box so that she can sell it as a collector's item later.  I think she mentioned that this is how she is supporting her retirement LOL
So this is what we went for and as you know it was the second trip for us.
It was a very hot and humid day and the stadium was packed.  It was very tight quarters with the young guy beside me and I was hoping that it would be an empty single seat but alas it wasn't.  So all of us were very tolerable with each other and I am glad that I wasn't at my highest weight because that would have been ugly.  Between all the sweat in places I didn't think sweated ands constantly touching someone would have drove me nuts.
Well that will be the last game of the season for me since F is going with C to the last 2 games that she wants to go to.
I guess I will see if she needs me next year LOL

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